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Friday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auctions

If you guys aren’t watch Morgan Linton’s show are missing a good time.  Not only is it entertaining but he’s growing out his beard and it’s a must see.  On another note I have almost got all my ducks in a row to head to DomainFest and look forward to meeting everyone there.  If anyone wants to sponsor my trip via advertising on my blog or just sending me money I’m now taking donations.  You may say why would a man of my wealth need sponsorship?  It’s simple, my wife manages my money and she refuses to divvy out any money after my reckless abandon at TRAFFIC Las Vegas.  Enough about that, onto the names for today. Seem to be a lot of three letter dot coms on the market lately.  Not sure if that’s good or bad or just means they are a commodity that’s reached solid price levels again and therefore people are selling These types of names always do very well.  The Color plus animal is gold but color/furniture and color/piece of clothing See above Although I hate these because they pray on the poor, it’s hard to deny that it pay well.  Certainly worth more than $69 Great stop smoking name or just for people that quit

And the Worst Name of the Day is………….. I can only imagine what you’d find on this one

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  1. Agreed about Morgan, there’s some wry hilarity there. We all saw a huge number of 3 letter .nets falling (at sedo?) recently and there was a definite feeling of market maturation as opposed to a fire sale or crazy bubble. Of course, that’s just my opinion……

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