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Friday’s Daily Domains Dropping and Auctions

I got a fantastic offer on one of my 4L domains yesterday.  The email went like this  “I would like to purchase your domain for $25”.  My response “I’m sure you would, I could offer the domain to you for $2 million US dollars”  The response “Are you crazy?” My response “No crazier than a guy that recently offered me $25”  Have a nice weekend and here are today’s names. No matter what you do with this name it will sound very important and very cool.  1996 Domain Who can resist a baby bunny?  Everyone will love you if you own this name.  [email protected] would certainly get me the ladies (of course I’m very happily married) and 4 Good Letters here.  $1600 Valuate I just love these names.  LNN.coms are becoming my new “thing” I love the calls of the Bob Whites They used to call it Ping Pong until it became UnPC.  Already at $1300 A good name for an Epik site This is by far the worst solo of the instrument solos but I’m not sure anyone would get the joke if you buy it

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  1. ……LOL.

    …….and then along comes Mary……do, doold-do, doold-do…….

    Has there been a flute solo since the 70’s, besides Jethro Tull?

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