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Just In Time For TRAFFIC: The Annual Domain Shane Awards

Since I’m not going to be able to make it to TRAFFIC in Miami I am forced to announce early my winners for this years Domain Shane Awards.  The voting was hot and heavy in almost all the categories.  Most of the winners will be excited to know that the awards come with a cash prize of $500 bucks.  Of course those prizes are in Domain Shane bucks and at this present time trade half a cent per dollar. Congratulations to the following winners

Pioneer Award

Bill Karamouzis for pioneering Shortening

Way before and, Bill used shortening to make his name easier to spell and say for people on the Internet. The people at caught on and soon the shortening market was developed.  Bill was also the first person to ever call me an ass, not in those words, in this case he lengthened it a little.

Best Hair

Michael Castello.

Most people over 40 struggle with their hair.  Many people admire him for his incredible business savvy and domain portfolio. We at Domain Shane cherish the doo.

Worst Domain Conference

Dot Mobi Conference 2010 Presented by DomainGang

Only three people showed up and the auction brought in 37 cents

Domainer With the Trendiest Glasses

Michael Berkens.

Sara Palin calls him for optical advice

Domain Most Likely to Have Pictures Stolen From It By Another Domain Blog:


If you see a picture of a domainer there was a 99% chance it was stolen from Ron.  PS The pictures above courtesy of DnJournal

Best Afterparty at a Domain Conference:

Greg McNair.

You haven’t fully made it in domaining unless you’ve been invited to an afterparty at Mr. McNair’s suite.  He also won an award that wasn’t televised, the “Most Likely Person to Talk Domains at 3:30 am”

Domainer Most Likely To Dance With Your Wife or Girlfriend

Merlin Kauffman:

Not only did he pull off one of the best buy and sell transactions of a domain this year with, he is just as smooth on the dancefloor

Most Active Blog Commenter:

Leonard Britt

He’s everywhere providing great reader feedback and spurring intelligent thought.  He actually writes a daily blog he just does it through the comment section of 20 domain blogs each day

Most Likely To Visit A Site Using


You haven’t written a good story unless you have the anonymous visit from the anonymous person

Most Controversial Domain Blogger

Mr. Owen Frager picked more fights than Glenn Beck at the Democratic convention.   There was Fusible, Theo, and my favorite Mike Cohen.  All in good fun and good traffic.

Worst Dressed

Chef Patrick

By a landslide.  His face is ugly enough but then he has to go and paint it on his shirt so there are two of them.  His outfits are a combination of Jesse James, Thomas Edison, and the Air Brush Kiosk at the mall.

And the Big Award…………Domainer of the Year

Morgan Linton………..because he’s just too frickin nice and enthusiastic

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11 Replies to “Just In Time For TRAFFIC: The Annual Domain Shane Awards”

  1. Shane you crack me up. If you ever get an offer from Mad Magazine I’ll then have to double their offer price to get you to write for DomainGang instead!

    Here are my thoughts on the awards:

    Bill Kara is trendier than John Pappas, another shortening from Papadopoulos.

    The Castello brothers know what they’re doing; after all they lived the big hair, rock band era of the 80’s.

    Mike Berkens loves European styling. My glasses suck.

    Ron Jackson is the kindest man in the industry, period.

    Greg McNair is a natural at the Fast Track panel; as Mr. Argument.

    Merlin is Mr. Slick but I still can’t comprehend the GoFish purchase.

    Agreed on Leonard.

    Fusible: Don’t ask, don’t tell comes to mind.

    Owen: Often misunderstood, often blocked but definitely won’t give up a good fight, except to apologize; then it’s all good.

    Chef Patrick looks great shaved.

    Morgan Linton – got my vote for domainer of the year as well.


  2. I knew someday my hair would get the recognition it deserved! I think I had the top down on the car that day.

  3. Great list . Triple G didn’t have a suite at the NYC domainfest. I somehow got upgraded to one. 🙂 ahahaha
    I think his quote to me was something like “If you have a room like this mate, you’ll be having the afterparty wether you like it or not”.

  4. Wow – thanks Shane – I really really appreciate the kind words. I love this post – definitely great awards to give and I’m still bummed I didn’t get best hair 🙂

    Are you coming on DNCruise? DFG in Feb? Maybe we need a Domaining Blogger event!!

    Have a great weekend – this post just made mine!

    1. The pleasure was all mine. I just hope I’m eligible for a hair award in the next few years. At the rate it’s falling I may be up for “best hat”. I will most likely be at DFG. October is a busy month for me so no domaining events. Perhaps somebody will hand out these awards for me at TRAFFIC :). Glad you like the post

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