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Friday’s Daily Dropping Names

Yesterday I was tired.  So tired I forgot to put a title on my post.  You wouldn’t think a post lacking a title would be a big deal but the RSS feed was messed up and some domaining aggregating sites didn’t pick up my feed.  I am starting to slow down a bit at work and my Ironman is Sunday so from this point on it is easy sailing.  The recent sales and transactions in domaining should really have you excited right now.  It makes you wish you had bought more and at the same time makes you worry about spending so much on name at today’s prices.  Here are some names I think will provide solid investment

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Valuations used are from Great 4L .  Valuation of $2400    Registered in 1996 When I see this I think of Tropical Plants but obviously has other means.  Of course I see plants in everything. Another nice 4L.  With 80 bidders it won’t go cheap This reminds me of my old junky car in college. I always thought it needed a new distributor cap and when I took it to the garage they said the cap was fine it was the whole car that was just a piece of junk In the landscape and construction industry up north, this is a HUGE name.  I’ll be in this one pretty deep Great name for a Free Proxy Server .   $1400 Valuation A perfect Epik site

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