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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Names

I want to thank Jamie for the great idea of marketing our names at Sedo.  He and I are willing to send some names to auction at a lower than value in hopes that the final bid will reflect a higher amount.  A sedo auction is as true of a value indicator as we have in the industry right now and if the names sell for less than we think then so be it, that is the present value at the time.  Sure it could have been sold higher at some other point but if you think we didn’t get solid value, feel free to bid at any point and “steal” them from us.  Now on to the dropping names. A pretty good name for Godaddy Get it before college football implements their tournament. Long nam,  huge CPC  See the details Giving you a little peek into the 5Ls I bid on.  You’ll be amazed how much these go for now.  Normally I don’t post them to keep out the riff raff Same here This would be a great name to put both of the good math jokes on Not the greatest name in the world but certainly worth $8.

I want to thank Jim for sending to auction yesterday.  From this point on, I am giving 5% commission to the person that makes the first bid on my daily name offering and sends it to auction.  If you win the domain then I’ll refund the 5%, if you don’t win I’ll paypal your commission.  For people like Theo,  I want to explain that this is NOT shill bidding.  The person who is putting in the first bid must be willing to buy the domain at the initial bid price if no other bids are excepted. From that point on I take the risk.  Obviously these initial bids are lower than value and I hope that the auction will lead to a higher price.  Either way I want to thank the person that shows initial desire for the name.  This is marketing for a name that may otherwise have gotten lost in the millions of names at Sedo.

Today’s Name

Initial Bid Required $100

Registered: 2003

All major TLDs taken

Traffic: Not sure, just acquired but assume none

Valuate: $1100

Sold for $275 last year at GD

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