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Friday’s Make Some Money Daily Drop and Auction Picks

I wouldn’t go out and spend to much money this weekend if you are hoping to make a bunch from this list.  A little weaker list than normal but a decent mix of age, excitement, with just a hint of awesome.  Enjoy the weekend. Only one reason I like this domain.  It’s from 1993.  That’s older than Teen Domainer but not older than a few of the Michael Jordan shirts I still wear around. Rumor has it I like NNNN.coms.   I love this one A 4 letter pronounceable dot com is worth at minimum $500.  1999 registration Pot domain in the waiting.  Or maybe just a site for people that love cheesy puffs.  I’m guessing the 107 bidders are looking for the former 8200 searches and a $6100 estibot. A PR 6 if you’re looking for linkjuice Anthills are a tough sell in this economy but still has value 5400 searches.  And no bidders.  My favorite type of name

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3 Replies to “Friday’s Make Some Money Daily Drop and Auction Picks”

  1. One of those domains looks familiar – might have been there before.
    Have a great weekend Shane – with this great weather I”m sure you’ll be busy and making lots of money to make up for not making a bunch on these! Just curious about your industry – is this your “Christmas” season for nursery or is it more levelized than I think?

    1. Clay,

      absolutely our “Christmas” season. These next three months are THE months. Unfortunately, the months are usually great, meaning that I can’t have a great year by having a great 3 months but can ruin the year if it isn’t. The positive is, if it’s really really good I can make enough extra to have one or two bad summer or fall months. In our industry if all goes well you get to keep everything you make in November as profit. Me, we’re building new companies that cost big money and every cent goes there, so for a few more years I will be losing money. Short term sacrifice for long term gain.

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