A Few Additions To This Morning’s List: Nightime Addendum

Apr 08 2011

I know I scoured this list over and over last night but somehow I missed a few great names. Of course I always miss a lot of good names but this will be my first addendum to a morning’s list.

Tenants.com 15,000 searches and a heavy estibot value of $43,000.  But do you really need a robot estimator to know this has value?  Bid already at $2500

RetailStores.com A generic name for a bunch of generic name stores.  Like the name above, already at $2500

CategoryKillers.com I’ve always been told I should buy these

ShippingFee.com I would imagine this would be a great transportation company website.  Perhaps a separate standalone site for a big company like UPS or FedEx

Laxe.com Officially a CVCV but not the best I’ve seen. Still worth over $500

And a few I found on Cax that I think are a good deal

Pads.info Whether you are a big fan of Infos or not this is a heck of a good deal at $350

PickleJar.com A word everyone knows you’ve probably heard of “getting your hand stuck in the pickle jar”.  $300 to send this to auction

HandCrankFlashlight.com I think you could easily make your thousand bucks back on this product.  Everyone needs one and look how many advertisers there are

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