Godaddy Still Offering $1.18 Domains

Nov 12 2011

Once again Godaddy is having their $1 domain sale ($1.18 after fees). I’m not sure if anyone else does this but for $1 I am willing to register something I normally wouldn’t. I tried to buy but it was taken so I am still looking for a domain to buy . Just checked to make sure it works a few minutes ago and it still does. The code is “Leaves”

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  1. Jeff

    Absolutely, not many $1 domain opportunities I pass on. Curious to hear what others buy, I’ll post mine when I figure out how to waste err.. invest my dollar.

  2. Andrew Douglas

    So I’ve been really intrigued by Augmented Reality as well as improvements and increasing popularity of things like golf simulators, xbox kinect, etc. So I reg’d (along with a couple of other sports). I can imagine many a sports bar with a football simulator that allows you to throw to the open receiver. Alternatively, simulators can be used to train athletes. Not used to reading that 3-4 defense? Put the rookie QB in a simulator 🙂

  3. RayG

    Ive never been to your blog before today but I am so glad i stopped by. I didn’t know about this promotion. I used it to buy domainnamegarden dot com.
    thanks for the heads up. I will be visiting again for sure.

  4. picas

    i love Shane ‘s humor sense …” try to buy with 1 $ code …great deal …hahaha

    your news is always hot and funny …

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