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I Know Everything

I’ve heard it a few times in my life.  “You think you know everything”.   It could be my laid back attitude or perhaps its the 1987 Trivial Pursuit “Sectional Champion” shirt I wear everyday.  Either way, starting this week, whether I know everything or not won’t matter because people will think, I THINK, I know everything.  Why?   I recently purchased

I didn’t purchase it to create a website.  I bought it so I can use it as my email.  [email protected] is going to be worth its weight in gold. I think people forget that domains have value for more than just websites.  An email address can say a lot about you. It tells people your business, what you love, or may just be memorable.   People judge you by your email. Customers are often amazed that my email is my last name and not gmail, comcast, or some other free managed email system.  My purpose of having a custom email was not to show off but to make sure it was easy for customers to remember.  Despite email setup being free from many registrars and incredibly simple to set up, the general public acts as if they have be able to code in Fortran to have a custom email address.   People love vanity things.  License plates, telephone numbers, and of course email addresses but they get spooked when they have to set anything up.  As people have begun to learn to juggle multiple accounts like they do in twitter, I think more and more people will have 3 or more email addresses for different reasons.   Today’s smart phones make it simple to keep up with multiple addresses and therefore I think you’ll continue to see people buying domains just to have custom emails addys.

I’m pretty sure most people will think its a fake email address. Only when I email them back will they know that while I may not know everything, I certainly know how to buy a fun domain and put it to work.  And yes I’m still a domain investor so if anyone wants to buy it feel free to make an offer. Just let me have some fun with it for a few days first.

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  1. Great minds think alike. The other day I was going to register “” as my vanity domain, but then reconsidered.

    Is it really fair to the other 3.5b males to flaunt the fact that they would have no chance to reach my level of prowess? To shake their confidence to the absolute core?

    No, indeed, it is not.

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