GoDaddy’s 50,000,000th Domain Actually Not The Worst Domain I’ve Ever Seen

Sep 27 2011

If you missed it, GoDaddy officially registered it’s 50 millionth domain name over the weekend. The lucky domain? I’ve got to say that while I’m not totally surprised it was available, it’s actually not the worst domain I’ve ever seen. DBA is an acronym for Doing Business As, at least here in the states, and it is common for an individual starting a small business to operate under a ‘DBA’ name, example: Shane Cultra DBA Most people starting a small business really don’t know what they’re doing so I saw this domain as a good way to put together all the resources one would need on one site and market it as the ‘Doing Business As Kit’.

Ok Ok I know, maybe not the best way to spend one’s time monetizing a domain but remember this was a hand reg and the 50 millionth at the largest registrar in the world, so the buyer certainly could have done worse. After all, was also registered at GoDaddy over the weekend. Which domain would you rather have? In all honesty I believe the actual 50 millionth was probably some garbage domain just like this but GoDaddy would be too embarassed to report that, so instead they hand selected one of the better names of the day.

Apparently the buyer of had other ideas that an actual DBA kit as there is already a site up. Looks like it’s for some database support or some other technical stuff that goes well over my redneck head. While it’s not the best domain in the world, certainly isn’t the worst and perhaps it just goes to show that there are still good domains out there if they serve the right purpose.

There are no reports of any special prize for the buyer of the domain, but a source reports that GoDaddy employees will each be receiving a piece of cake to celebrate the occasion. Congratulations.

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  1. Paul Nicks

    Shane, I think a far more common usage of DBA is “Database Administrator”. In this context DBAkit would be a toolkit for DBAs, which is what the site that is up seems to be.

  2. ChrisWoodward

    Hey Paul, it was actually me who wrote the post…

    You make an excellent point and obviously that’s what the buyer had in mind when he purchased the domain because of the site he put up, which I commented on.

    Never working around or with databases, I would have never known that DBA was also a term used for database administrator. However, I have run a few businesses under a DBA (doing business as) name so that’s why that term came into my mind first. When I just now searched DBA on google to see which one was more common, both terms showed up on the first page 🙂

    Thank you for pointing that out though, very interesting.

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