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Wednesday’s Picks From the Domains at Auction or Dropping

Was looking over Sedo’s list and saw sold for $100k and sold for $4500. Great buys on both parts and no doubt same buyer. We’ll find out who the smart buyer is soon. 1991 Birthday. One of the older domains that have come up for auction in a while. Just informed its a typo. Forget what i wrote after this…unless you like typos. Great CPC but since you’re not a bank you really won’t be selling direct. I’ll keep it a secret I don’t usually buy number dot nets but for three number dot nets I make an exception What most women who say they are a size 2 really are Will go for over $1000 if my price guide is right Already at a grand Ok not great but not a bad deal for a name with cloud in it. Every town has a company named this. Take away the my and you will pay an extra couple hundred thousand dollars

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Nice list Shane, but it’s not MortgageDirect it is a typo it is actually from the link to NameJet.

  2. Lol, it’s ok, i clicked on the link got excited it had no bids then realised it was a typo and i don’t have the excuse of using an Ipad

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