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Hilarious GoDaddy Prank Call

Chris here. Going to take it a bit easy today as it’s my birthday and I feel like relaxin’. Going to go out tonight to a favorite joint of mine for a good cigar and a few beers and then probably just relax with a little fire in the pit out back. As my boy Drake White would say, I’m a fan of the simple life. I do plan on going out Friday night with some family for dinner and then I’m going to see Blue Man Group with my girlfriend. I’ve never seen them before but we’re sitting 3rd row and I’ve been informed that we’re in the “Splash Zone”. I don’t know what that means, I didn’t think we were seeing Gallager, but it sounds like fun.

To have a little fun today, here’s one of my all-time favorite videos. This guy prank called GoDaddy and did a terrific job. Kudos to the GoDaddy rep who held it together throughout the whole thing. Enjoy.

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9 Replies to “Hilarious GoDaddy Prank Call”

  1. This video is a classic! I love how the GoDaddy rep is actually taking this guy serious. Great customer service even during a prank call. “How about” sir that’s already taken by us. HAHA!

  2. Just imagine if domainers had to handreg every single name this way 😀 I agree, the GD rep is really professional even though he’s realized it’s a prank call.

  3. I had only 1 bad Godaddy rep in 3 years.
    The rest were very polite and good like this guy.
    I hope this guy realizes he is costing Godaddy money , hard earned money, by doing this.
    He is probably down on Occupy Wall St. right now.
    The only good thing is Godaddy got good free advertising.
    But I don’t approve of what this guy did.
    This is why Godaddy got stricter with phone calls.
    This pales in comparison to the banks destroying our economy but still this is wrong.

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