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Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping (Finally a Decent List)

I’ve been a little preoccupied with the whole Greece thing.  It’s made the markets go crazy and provided a great but scary trading opportunity.  I hope Acro pays his bills better than his country does. Here are today’s names. Found using It may be a dot net but it’s a big boy name An ever popular style of country.  I just like it because of the hot girl singers. Not sure if anyone has called themselves a book dealer in 50 years but maybe it will go cheap and it’s a 1996 domain (I think that is officially the last year the term was uttered) I think this was where Borat was from No bidders Another nice 5 letter domain with age (1997) Sounds like a country rock band.  In reality steel wire is a big big seller with lots of enduser companies. Big name for having only 3 bids. I don’t really like it but you might 1999 Birthday Fun name and most Americans recognize the saying. Great dating site name I don’t know the reserve but it’s at a real low price now

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Yeah the whole Greece thing is wild. Markets very moody. I’m over here in Europe and in any case, people are scared spitless. There is no positive solution for Greece. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Looks like a serious bear market coming…

    1. Acro,

      If I lost you as a friend for claiming that Greece is a financial disaster then we were never good friends to begin with. And as for trolling, Domain Gang is the biggest traffic written, headline copying, attention whore blog in our industry. You love your country as you should, but defending it’s monetary actions of the last 5 years is naive. I wrote that in the post because your country and it’s worries have shaken up the entire world’s economic system in the short term. Read the headlines. I’m sure they’ll be post from you about this in the next 24 hours, parrot.

  2. At first I did not understand why Greece is such a big problem. I look at it on my wall map and I think, “Big deal!!!”.

    Well, it is a big deal. I’ve educated myself as to why, finally.

    Globalization is not just a vague thing that is happening on the sideline, it is all of the countries being interwoven and so interconnected that if one country gets sick there is a chance the whole world gets sick now. Previously, our economies were not so interconnected and each was mostly independent of one another. Basically, there was an economic firewall, so to speak, put up by each country. Now it’s like one big economic orgy.

    The Asian Contagion in the 90’s was the first sign of this. At the time, the world leaders did not know Globalization had taken root and the world almost lost their shirt if not for some fast thinking and shoring up Indonesia and such with big influxes of cash, just like they are trying to do with Greece right now.

    I’m afraid we have all entered into new economic territory where what happens is anyone’s guess. All I know is it seems like the world is more economically vulnerable now to any and all economic or disaster news stories.

    If you want to see a great documentary that explains all this, there is one by PBS (Public Broadcasting System) called “Commanding Heights”. It is a three part series and it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It really opened my eyes to how economies work, why each country chose what economic model they did, and where we are at now economically speaking.

  3. Hey Acro…..the truth is the Greece is a poor country with many uneducated / undereducated people that abused their position in the European Union.

    Now they will be despised people for floundering on those that tried to help them.

    It’s too bad you don’t understand this. It’s this attitude that got Greece where it is at.

    Pay your bills Greece!! You bum!!!

  4. Clobert Rine – what’s poor is your ignorance, asswipe. I don’t expect any better from a xenophobic Brit with no understanding of society or politics.

    Good job Shane. Today’s post got you some traffic but you lost me as a friend.

  5. A very good Greek friend of mine likes to say that the #1 export of Greece is “hard working Greeks”.

    Acro, don’t hate me – hate my Greek friend.

  6. Shane that was the best comment of the year. For Domain Gang to call anyone else a traffic grabbing troll is hysterical.

    Greece has done nothing wrong ? How much of the population are employed by the government. I have a colleague who worked in Greece and said he should not have had his job because it was just employment for employment sake with the gov. He had little to no work most every day.

    Not everyone who is not pro Greece financial system is xenophobic, or stupid. Domain Gang is intelligent writing ? It is Owen Frager 2.0

  7. First off, learn how to spell. Second, you’re a double faced douchebag with no skills and no ethos. I chose to ignore your jabs numerous times and in your private conversations you’re an all sweet, understanding, admiring “friend”. I’ve had better enemies than you. So keep that in mind next time you address me or my work or email me.

  8. While I *will* apologize for the language used in my previous post, it’s obvious that you’ve been flip-flopping with me in public and private. Just a quote from an email from the last time you bashed DomainGang: “I’m sorry for feeding the fire”.

    Your personal opinion on whether what I write is funny or not, does not concern me, Mr. Cool. I’ve worked hard and long in my life to know that my professional path is my own choice and no one will bring me down. In fact, you’re an exception among many.

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