How Domain Investing is Like Cheating On Your Wife

Aug 20 2011

Thought I would have a little fun today.  Happily married and faithful but still a guy

1.  Most of the time you’re just looking and enjoying, but every once in a while you pull the trigger and take one home

2. You already have great quality and barely pay attention to it,  but you’re still trying to get more

3. Afterward you feel a little guilty, questioning whether you should have done it

4. If you get too drunk you end up taking a bad one home

5. The lesser the quality the easier it is to get

6. The guy that talks about it all the time probably isn’t

7. The more money you have, the more options you have

8.  You can get in big financial trouble in just 10 minutes.

9. You keep a separate bank account to make sure your wife doesn’t see what you’re doing

10.  You use an alias so nobody knows your real name

11.  Some of you best finds are on the forums

12.  You already have great quality and barely pay attention to it but you’re still trying to get more

13.  One you’re going to look up the history with DomainTools, one you’re going to look in the police reports

14. With one you’re looking for age and the other you’re looking for youth

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  1. Poor Uncle

    Shane…first you spent all night with the same playboy playmate, then you spent the extra time you saved by spending more time with domains and now this post? I worry about you Shane.

    1. Post author


      Ha. All valid points. Don’t understand the time thing though. No need to worry about me. There was a couple cheating with each other at school that inspired this, not personal experience. If you hung with me you’d see I don’t have time for anyone else 🙂

  2. Ms Domainer


    Ha, ha! Too funny for words.

    And so true.

    But in my case, just change “wife” to “husband.”

    In addition to domains, I collect gems and mineral specimens and just returned from an awesome gem show in Lebanon (PA).

    Let’s just say when it comes to mineral shows, I’m like an alcoholic given free reign in a bar. I’m a little bit more careful when it comes to domains, simply because a bill shows up every year.


    Our house looks like a friggin’ cave, though.

    Great post! Loved it!


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