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I Have to Call Bullshit

On this post from DomainerIncome today.  I never ever want to call a person out.  I would rather question a person about their thoughts and actions and see it from their view. But since this one was written so adamantly and to the point I thought I would answer in the same manner

So who determines who is the “real deal” in this industry? Is there a panel that awards you certification?  I know I can make that decision on my own because I have a brain. Is a blog worth reading only because the writer has been successful in that exact field or area?  How about the guys trying to achieve those same successes but not there yet?   How about a person that has recently entered from another industry but is seeing it from a different angle?

Why can’t people decide who they want to read and not to read? The problem with society is the lack of self responsibility for their personal actions.  If you are a person that takes action by something you read on a blog without proof or second opinions then you get what you deserve.  There’s no badge of verification on the net ,television, or magazines.  And even if you made 3 million dollars in the domain industry that doesn’t mean you can successfully guide others.  Blogs are simple. You tell it like you see and others can decide whether to frequent it or not. The amount of readers will tell a blog owner whether or not they should continue and if they want to continue to writing to an empty forest then they have that right. To have another blog writer accuse others of having no merit is both wrong and naive.

To create content on a personal site or blog you have to draw from personal experience.  The people you meet, the actions that you chose,  all become daily posts. You journey to your goals are documented and arranged in a chronological little diary.  You praise the good people you meet and talk of your success. Posting this doesn’t make you a lackey,  it makes you human.  You take care of those that take care of you.  Domaining conventions ARE a big event and the fact that you take the time and money to attend DOES show that you are serious about this business.  It doesn’t make you successful, but to me, going to a domain conference means you are hunting that which will make you a success.If you lost your life savings because some domain expert told you to buy certain tlds then you were not very smart to begin with.  My daughter is eleven and she knows the “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” saying and what it means.  As for bloggers having conflicts of interest. This industry is too small not to have any.  The laws are simple.  Disclose when you are being paid.  This doesn’t mean you won’t be biased by people that advertise with you are give you gifts.  I disclose that I AM influenced by those that do exactly that.  How would I not?  Money will not make me like their product but I certainly will take a look.  They have a much greater chance of me liking it because I am going to try it.  I would never say I love something that I don’t and I think you would be wrong to say there are a lot of bloggers that do.  If that bothers you then you better sit in a dark box because every piece of media and business you see is influenced. Your government, your grocery store, your favorite little shop.  Yep, they’re all being paid to promote things over other things.  Things that are inferior to others but are put up front at eye level or on the front page because they paid more.  I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, it’s just business and it’s not illegal nor unethical.

So here’s my advice.  Read the blogs.  Take what you can out of them and decide which are worth your precious time.  I read for entertainment, for info, for opinion, even an occasional laugh,  and I value each.  I respect those that have accomplished in a field but that doesn’t mean I want to read them or take advice from them.  How they accomplished their goals and achieved their wealth may not be the clear path for me or even possible today.  It may also not be doable for certain people financially.   Domain Investors come from all over the world. From all different financial levels.  If they want to blog and give their “advice” or what I call opinion, then let them blog. I respect anyone who takes time to write.I realize how much time it takes.  The people reading are not 8 year olds. They’re not impressionable, mentally challenged individuals.  They are people interested in domain investing looking for more information about our industry and notice how I say OUR.

I am not full time but I guarantee I put in as much time as many full time people.  If you talk to me for 10 minutes about what I’ve done, what I do, and what I plan on doing,  then you would never criticize a part timer.  Being part time doesn’t make me less relevant in this industry.  I have my role as does everyone who wishes to partake.  Remember all the “Big Time” domainers need the small time, newbie, types to make money.  They are often the people that pay too much for domain.  They pay too much because they dream of being the “real” domain investor blogger that talks of his millions. So I’ll give my advice and you should take it.  Read whatever blog you want.  Sorry DomainerIncome beta, I call Bullshit.

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12 Replies to “I Have to Call Bullshit”

  1. Domains are not that complicated. I think most domainers take themselves too seriously.
    SEO, Web design, Coding, E-commerce, these things take skill. I mean anyone with common sense can be a domainer, it does not take any special skill. If you need someone to tell you is a bad investment, you probably are not going to make it anyway. Anyone who thinks they are a domain “expert” needs to get off their high horse. What does it take to make it in this business? The same thing it takes in any other business. Money. You need money to buy a really good name that can be developed or flipped. That’s it. If people want to take the time to write blogs about domains, good for them. Most of them are entertaining to read. But don’t assume that anyone is going to buy a ticket to Traffic because the Domain King says we need to. Domain conferences are nothing more than glorified cocktail hours. Great for some people, but not for most. I also think if someone has .co ads plastered all over their blog, they should refrain from posting about .co domains every other day.

    As an aside, In the movie The Social Network, it says that Zuckerberg registered at Network Solutions. With a nice tight shot of the NetSol homepage. When in fact he registered it at He also had at Tucows. He never had anything to do with NetSol. Nice product placement.

  2. I don’t agree with his post either. He probably didn’t write the post for this reason (but some people do) … being controversial is a great way to help SEO as you tend to get some good backlinks (just as you’ve linked to him in your post).

  3. This is the best ‘faked’ angry post so far! 😀 Knowing how Shane is Mr. Cool this post will generate plenty of traffic. Hats off to Shane and indeed, full-time domainers better be afraid: part-timers have a clearer head and vision.

    1. @ Acro. The only thing faked is your humor. Your could possibly be the worst comedy writer in the history of writing. Compared to your head of racing thoughts, lonely nights, and writers block I guess you could say mine is clear. Remember I am a full time businessman and only partake in domain investing part time because I know what pays the bills and is more important. Its a business decision.

  4. I agree, read the blogs but make your own decision.

    Remember that what you read in blogs is only 25%, other 75% are secrets that nobody will tell you about them.


  5. @Acro : There are “teachers” and “doers”. It’s not a matter of surprise that most of the “teachers” are not full-time domainers.

    1. Nick,
      There aren’t teachers and doers in domain blogs. There are writers and readers. Readers get to choose what they read. You keep acting like the world is made up of mindless wanderers that live through the word of the blogs. The only one that seems to be naive is the guy in the mirror in your bathroom.

  6. Oh come now, Shane. You only met me once in person and I don’t think you really have a looking glass inside my home. Then, on the phone you keep saying how great I am, how hard I work and how funny my humor is. I’m also a full time domainer/developer and despite your ‘noob’ status I give you credit where credit is due. Faked humor? Tell this to my sponsors. What else are you angry about? You’re always welcome at DomainGang, I never censor your comments. TGIF.

    1. Acro,
      I do think you work hard but I have NEVER said you were funny. I’m not always a gentleman but I would never lie to a man’s face. You should thank your sponsors every single day. And tell them to buck up so you can actually afford to make it to some of these events. I’m a noob and everything was paid for. I’ll leave you alone, I do like you, just wish you would put your effort towards the other is painful.

  7. Here are my thoughts on the subject, Shane – the same way I’d tell you on the phone or in person. The Aussie guy’s post was his opinion and very *very* general, but you bit the proverbial bait so bad that indeed, it appeared as if you ‘faked’ the entire retort here. Honestly, I don’t know you that well to judge your reaction but you give the impression of a cool-headed person, as opposed to – say – hot-headed me. However, my comment here was in no way an attempt to diminish your argument, to which you are entitled obviously, more so in your very own blog. You’re even allowed to talk shit, e.g. low blows about conferences etc. You and I know what it is all about and I don’t think your readers deserve to read the type of misinformation you are serving them with such unfunny references to me. Whether you like my humor or not, that’s another issue that I cannot help you with, as I can’t help you understand why I learned to earn my way through anything I try my hands at. If you believe that you are better in some ways, so be it, I can’t run marathons; just don’t test me at 100m dash. To recap: everyone deserves to be left alone and do what they are good at, to title a post ‘I call it Bullshit’ and then dish out an equal amount of it does look bad in public. Again, if you feel like talking you have my number.

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