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I Think It’s a Fantastic Choice: Finally, I Get To Answer My Questions About Kim Kardashian

Anyone can become famous.  Some can become a celebrity.  But to stay a celebrity for several years, all the while monetizing it to the point that you become one the highest earners on television?  It’s a rare thing. Kim Kardashian has done it and rather than hate…appreciate.  Think whatever you’d like about her.  How she gained fame. How she lives her life and is portrayed. The girl knows how to make money and has been doing it for years.  The fact that she is consistently one of the most Google searched people on the planet is not a fluke.  Luck would have run out years ago on someone dumb.  She is not dumb.

It’s easy to bash Oversee’s choice of Kim Kardashian if you want to join the “I hate honey boo boo and all the reality tv today” group.  But the keynote is the entertainment part of the show.  Someone that you normally would never get to see. Bob Parsons was right on topic but I found him to be a little odd. I left with an appreciation of his hard work and what he had built, but also felt that he couldn’t wait to get done and gone.  Biz Stone was great. The exact opposite. He appeared to love conversation and seemed like the nice guy next door.   Don King? I didn’t get to see him but I wish I could have. I can’t stand the guy but I still like to see if my impressions are warranted. But what they all have in common was draw.  They were people that we know of.  Some more than others, but we at least know what they all had done or created.  Don King is a slimeball but he is entertaining and everyone knows who he is.  There isn’t a person that will attend this show that won’t know of Kim Kardashian.  Going to watch her speak will answer all of our questions.  Is she as dumb and spacey as some claim?  Is it all an act on television?  Is she actually brilliant and her clothing line, stores, and celebrity endorsement bonanza all run and created under her control?  Can she give public speeches without 100 “ums”.  Will she deliver a speech and run for the exit without a single photo or hello? We’re going to find out.  And all our questions will be answers.  I can tell you one thing.  She can’t be in it for just the money.  No doubt she’s getting paid well but there are so many easier ways for her to make money than giving a speech.  A couple of tweets.  One commercial.  And she wouldn’t have to stand up at a giant sausage fest of 400 guys who are judging her.

If anyone tells you they aren’t going to Webfest because of Kim is full of it.  They weren’t going anyway.  Three months ago I could pick which of the known names in our industry would not be going to Webfest and I would have been 75% right. Their minds were made up long before any of the “talent” was named.  There are people that only go to Florida conferences and those that only go to California and Vegas conferences and they are pretty regular about it. I am lucky enough to be going to both.  I am going to both because they are both great.  I appreciate what each offers.  It’s always a combination of entertainment, learning, and networking.  How they fill in those blanks will be different each year. This year the blank is filled in with one of the most popular girls on the Internet.  I can’t see how that possibly could be a bad thing.

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11 Replies to “I Think It’s a Fantastic Choice: Finally, I Get To Answer My Questions About Kim Kardashian”

  1. When that “Domain King” booked my boy Don King for some show about traffic, he said

    “You can’t ignore his accomplishments just because he did some bad things along the way. It is his accomplishments that are valuable to us. It is his accomplishments that we can learn from and apply to our businesses.”

    Same ’bout my girl KK now haterz

  2. Seriously, Shane?

    No offense, but it’s a Clown-A-Thon. Welcome to the new domain order and the lowering of the bar in intelligence. Who we idolize just get’s worse with each generation.

    This is who we respect now? Our Grandparents, and their ancestors are rolling in their grave after all their achievements. That goes for Don King too.

    She only rose to fame in 2006 for a sex tape, so being a known floozie for six years and keeping in the spotlight is not much of an accomplishment. It’s not hard create tabloid controversy. Just go f*ck a bunch of folks, get married, divorce quickly, create a perfume line, clothes, etc… Stupid rappers do it all the time. It’s no huge biz accomplishment.

    I could find few people to disrespect more then either one of them. You can put Brittany Spears in there as well. Can we also learn from Brittany? God, I hope not, or I will have to go live in the woods alone before I go crazy.

    They should invite Charles Manson next time ; “You gotta’ read into the domain’s message, m-a-n!!!! They are trying to start a race war!!!” It’s just as well.

    1. Kelly,

      Get off your high horse. I went and saw Motley Crew, 2 Live Crew, Beastie Boys, and other various people being absolutely immature, grotesque and stupid. I had a great time and cherish the moments. It doesn’t make me any less intelligent or moral. It makes me human. Human for enjoying watching people do stupid ass stuff. Human for liking a girl only for being pretty. Human for doing something you know is wrong but do it anyway. Human for spending a whole day doing something that offers no intellectual value. Things that throughout my life that I have done. There are a lot of people just like you. Although most of them are 75 and older. They are also the same people that were called immoral and ruining the world by the generation before them. Then suddenly THEY became the one saying that we idolized people people with no skills or moral value. And the cycle repeats itself again this generation. You’re not crazy, you’re just an old stick in the mud. Not everything in life has be be a learning event.

      And like everyone else who is critical, you won’t be in attendance. Good God, I can’t believe I am defending Kim Kardashian. What have I become?

  3. Kim’s mom is the MASTERMIND behind whoring her children out and continuing milking the cash cow. Wake up. Cmonn now, we all know that. Her children are a cash register to her and she keeps hitting ringing it. God bless them.

  4. What good does it do announcing a headliner a week before an event? Makes no difference in ticket sales. Just a waste of a six-figure fee for Kim which is ultimately money taken from attendees that could have been spent on a better party or a $100 gift certificate to a sponsor.

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