If I Complain Enough Things CAN Happen: Boxcar Officially Adds Reserves

Jun 23 2011

It’s what I love about Mike and Boxcar. He may act easy going and nonchalant,  but he’s listening.  My biggest and really only fault with Boxcar was the lack of reserves to guide me in my bidding process.  I didn’t want to waste my time on a name that was way out of my price range nor did I want to pass on something because I assumed it was. (I know,  never assume).   As of today it’s been fixed and as promised Mike said he would be adding it soon and I would be the first to know.  Sure enough, three days later he’s added it and I think everyone will appreciate the added info.

Isla.com is the first name listed with a reserve and it’s a heck of nice name to start off the new addition.  Take a look

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