I had a fun evening talking to Enom support. When I say “fun” I’m talking about that special kind of fun that takes you through the spectrum of emotions, from determination, to sadness, anger, hope, crushed hope and then back to anger.

Hopefully this will help you avoid the issues I had.

A few weeks ago I thought I renewed  some .net domains along with some .com’s. I went back into my account today and found that 3 the .net domains were now expired, with one expiring in May.

I tried to find somewhere to contact enom via email or online chat, but that didn’t work. They do have a help button that requires you to enter one of your domains, fill out a captcha and then enter your password. It’s supposed to open a ticket, but every time I did this it took me to the dashboard and not to a support ticket area.

So I called the support number to hopefully get to the bottom of the issue. First they told me to try renewing them again as they couldn’t find the order number. That didn’t work, so they contacted the deeper tech support.

They said that I had to remove the premium listings from the domains to renew them… WTF is that supposed to mean? The only way to renew a .net at enom is to remove the Afternic listing? They said “you have to remove the listings to renew domains”, I thought that sounded crazy and ridiculous, but at this point I just wanted to be off the phone. So we removed the listings, that did not work.

The tech asked me to try renewing them again and assumed that the payment wasn’t going through because I received a receipt from enom each time telling me that they did not process. I checked my credit card and I had indeed been billed every damn time they told me to try and renew the names.

So bottom line, I have names at enom that are now expired. No one knows how to renew them and they’ve charged me 7 times attempting to renew them.  I can’t easily get the auth codes because they’re now expired.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be transferring all my names out of enom. I left them there in case I ever wanted to auction them on NameJet, but I have better things to do than have hour long phone conversations about renewing a stupid .net that I’ll never sell.

The most frustrating thing is that it should be so easy. I don’t wanna deal with back-end registrar problems, because I don’t know how that  works. I want it to be easy and if I have a problem, fill out the help request form and have it fixed. I don’t care that there might be some glitch with the afternic listing, just take my money and renew the domain.

Support emailed me back letting me know they were working on the issue. There’s a click to view ticket button in the email. That also did not work.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with Enom. Another registrar i hate is NetSol, they keep pushing .info names down my throat 🙂

  2. I had a similar experience at Enom where something couldn’t be done until I removed the premium listing from Afternic – I don’t remember what that thing was. Also, make sure you note your pin number from the Enom site. If you don’t have this to provide to support when calling in, you get shoved to the back of some kind of endless que. I was on hold waiting for a support person for over half an hour one time because of this when I couldn’t log in to get it.

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