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Yesterday, around noon, was the last day that the infamous Three Mile Island nuclear power plant produced electricity. There will still be staff and armed security on the site for probably the next hundred years, who knows. I’m not sure what you do with piles of spent fuel rods.

It seems like a waste, you have this monstrosity sitting in the middle of the river, and now it does nothing. I’m no power expert, but it seems like there’s exponentially better nuclear tech now than there was in 1979, when they f’d up.

It seems to be pretty clean too, well except for the huge pile of junk in a pit, that needs armed security to watch over it for the next millennia.

I really don’t know what the right answer is, but it’s definitely the end of an era for central PA, maybe the country.

I’ll be fishing today, several miles down stream from the nuclear waste site.

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Domain Spotlight:

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