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I bought a worm farm a few weeks ago. It’s an indoor composting unit that’s supposed to give you organic soil or worm castings (worm poop), while letting you dispose of old food and the non edible parts of food instead of just throwing it out.

The kit I bought came with 2000 red composting worms and the worm population is supposed to double every 3 months or so.

I could make up a story, virtue signaling that I bought it to be environmentally friendly or to grow food in the organic soil, but the real reason is I wanted an unlimited supply of fishing bait. Buying a dozen night crawlers for $4 bucks get’s expensive plus you can’t always find them. Now I have my own supply and a place to put back the worms I don’t use. In the past I would just put them in the fridge to make them last longer, but they’d end up dead after a week or two.

Click the links for current prices, most links are commissionable and fund the operation.    all kinds of possibilities for this name   cute and cuddly marsupials. Fun fact, marsupial males have bifurcated penis’s. I know this only because I just read about Koala’s, not because I’m some sort of phallic expert. I think this would make a great brand for a blog   numerous possibilities for a brand, its the gateway that millions of people pass through every year as they join the full time workforce or pay lots of money for further education. A lot of money associated with that gateway A business in any area that has hunting. There are full body mounts that cost 10’s of thousands

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The No Bid List  Could be you an actual directional error, or maybe a metaphor  Like a wallet, store your its in a secure crypt I got dive certified in the tip of the Red Sea, the gulf of Eliat or Aqaba, depending on your persuasion. I’ve snorkeled in the Caribbean a few times, it’s like a barren wasteland comparatively.  Find the best or safest car  Next level social media, go to the digital club and you’ll never have to interact with people in the flesh  Crypto with a few letters added to the end has a bigger block size  I tried fixing my old iphone 6s. I bought a pentelobe screw driver kit and a new charging port. It still doesn’t work and I have like 10 extra screws and a few random parts that didn’t fit back in the phone. I’m guessing that’s why it doesn’t work.  fight the power The study of funny things  Quickly pairs you with something you need  Straight out of psalms get help and advice for something in London  A name of hope for when you want something to happen but are still waiting  Take a shot at the mind  For anything that should be clear but is sometimes fuzzy just by its nature  Sounds like an after workout supplement  The domainer that buys lot’s a geo names, but sells them because he’s out there everyday making phone calls A tool or app that scans millions of posts looking for specific information. Sounds just like google or any other search engine  sell prepper gear  Fancy name for email  Could be a vape name  An agent for keynote speakers. Need a speaker for your next event? Let speaker talent find the right one for you.  The period of history when zombies rule the world

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