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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday August 20th , 2018

Not a lot of time for chit chat today.   Driving across Canada the last day.  Stopped and saw Niagra falls, Toronto, a bunch of vineyards.  And I squeezed in 14 miles of running along the old Erie canal tow road outside of Syracuse before the journey.    One thing I noticed all day in Canada is that EVERY single radio ad had the url end in .CA.   Even International brands used the .ca for Canada division.   I knew that Canadian companies used .ca frequently but had no idea pretty much everyone does.   Surprising that the .ca market isn’t bigger. I know there is a market but there seems to be only a few people that actually make money in the reseller market.  On a side note, Canadian tourist locations like Niagra Falls are exactly like every tourist place I’ve been all over the world.  75% Chinese and Middle Eastern.   Had no idea Toronto was 10% Chinese as well.   Nothing wrong with it but for some reason I expected to go to Canada and see milky white skinned people with crooked hats saying “Aboot” all the time. And that’s why I travel.  To see it in person   Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price

Quote of the Day:  No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”-Heraclitus

Domain of the Day:      If you predicted this would be a $45,000 domain then you would be correct

 Namejet and Sedo Names   Top bid getter on the Namjet board  Met reserve so it will sell today  This has been up for auction pretty much every year for 10 years  A long list of companies that would want this as an upgrade name  Love this one.  So does everyone else   Met reserve.    Actually surprised the .org is going this high    These types of nounO have traditionally done well at auction.  But AGAIN, ridiculous reserve.  Auctioned back in July the last time I said that   Only one bid.    Exudes bringing things together  Love the name.   The reserve.  Not so much   There is still dog and horse racing.  Just not as many tracks as their used to be

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids Says exactly what you are selling.  Only one person can have the Official  THE Pot Store  If you predicted this would be a 5 figure name then you would be correct You know I love these.  Admit I only sell a few a year though.  But they pay for all my annual purchases   Four figures and climbing  The sy naming convention continues to hold strong.  Although it was originally used because they were available to hand reg.  Now they cost money   Was a bio tech company.  1994 original registration   The .org isn’t holding it back  Ditto except .net and  These Chinese gambling names continue to tear it up. Almost $2K every time   I would say $1500 over under right now  going to be a gambling site 100% guaranteed  Being priced like a pronounceable but really only a little more than a regular CHiP at press time  The opposite here.  Being priced like a bad letter with vowel   Yeah.  Concrete and other surface products.   But you know Microsoft will be watching  People spend SOOO much on their gaming rigs  Really cheap for a first name.  Its an alternate spelling but most bidders won’t care  Another one that people won’t understand why its so expensive   I missed on LiveAnalysis the other day.  This one would have similar use   20 year old name but I think it still sound techy enough to be used today


Godaddy Domains With No Bids  If you get this at $25 and under I think you’ll do fine Sounds like a Hipster Coffee Shop  Good for putting on the sign outside the apartments  Not real valuable but only one bidder.  Worth holding a year or two IMO  “For females by females” Insurance name with big CPC but no bids Not a fan of dot co but at $17 I’m paying attention Sounds like a professional air company

OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids

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  1. You have to be a Canadian citizen or have a business in Canada to own a .ca – I had one taken from me this year because I am not Canadian.
    I live 45 minutes from Niagara Falls and we never go there – avoid it like the plague. The American side is worthless- Canadians do it right!

  2. Funny, “Niagra” Falls. That is how I said and would have spelled it my whole life until a few days ago when my German friend noticed my domain, NiagraHotel and told me it was wrong. I was POSITIVE that was right and told her that “everyone says and spells it that way”. I was blown away by my mistake. NiagAra Falls – who knew?????

    1. Chris,

      I got it wrong every time I looked for something there. And evidently spelled it wrong again in the post. Amazing history there. Has been a tourist attraction for 400 years.

      Richard. Going behind the wall is amazing and certainly worth going on the Canadian side. everyone needs to do it once. There is a reason why there are so many people there

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