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I saw an article the other day about FB negotiating with premium cable channels, like HBO to offer their content in a pay format. I’m curious to see what the future holds for studio produced/network content and what delivery method will win out.

It seems like more and more platforms are looking for a way to get a piece of that pie. At some point there has to be diminishing returns or even futility, I mean how many services will the average customer subscribe to? I don’t think the people leaving the cable/satellite services are looking to put all of their money back into dozens of paid streaming platforms. With that said, I think competition will lead to better and better things.

The major broadcast networks, followed by the cable companies, had monopolies on the airways and cable territories for decades. As content delivery continues to evolve there will be domain selling opportunities.

I haven’t paid for cable in years, but I do have a Sirius/XM subscription, Netflix and Amazon prime. I think it’s a net gain for me, but who knows since I pay more for faster internet.  I haven’t paid for anything on YouTube or Facebook and I don’t think I will unless they cover some angle that the other streamers are neglecting or come up with something better. I do watch or listen to a lot of stuff on Youtube, but I think their advertisement revenue model is the way to go for that type of content. Their spywork 🙂 tailors the ads to my wants and needs. I know I’ve purchased many things either directly through the ads or indirectly, having gained knowledge about something that I now “need” or want.

Here’s a hack I found for Youtube videos that have numerous ads throughout the content, some have a commercial every 5 or 10 minutes. After the first ad plays, Click on the “next” video or any other video, and then use the browser back button. All the ad spots that were queued for your viewing pleasure will be gone.

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The No Bid List Very generic but if you ran a bar that focuses on an extensive beer and wine menu and not hard liquor it might be worth something to you blockchain blah blah. lol seriously though, I don’t think this is dead, I think there’s enormous pressure and manipulation from the old school money gods and decision makers. Some want to kill it, some want to control it, but they all want to retain their power and influence.  A market that’s on the move or jumping higher  calm down bro  too many vowels who knows if it’s spelled right, but the concept has been getting a lot of air time with social media platform and censorship  Sounds like a relaxing brand  Need advice? The eye council follows you all day long with implanted cameras. Then they evaluate your actions and counsel you on doing it better  Sounds like a brand of  blacksmithed swords  sell heating appliances  the place to get your brewing supplies  Not a bad i name Instant process or field of study  vacation or retirement insurance  A brand for a photographer  Sometimes we need accountability, this service forces the issue  Knows how to tell a story like a pro  I think this is a great name, Missing it could be lot’s of things. It’s a common phrase, I’m missing it, I keep missing it, I hate missing it, we are always missing it.  The athlete of the present  Like St James Gate  The place where payments are made with fire and a hammer  probably should be plural  An app that shows you pollution levels of different places News  A name for a limo service  The formula that gets results  a site for a running club or to sell running gear. I assume that’s basically just shoes, spandex,  and visors  A service that lends it’s seal of certification to a score of some sort  Basically everyone to some level, mostly high levels  The case can be made that porn isn’t that great for a healthy relationship  A mechanic  Doesn’t flow very well, but it could be a way to track people that follow you on social media

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  1. I’m a sports fan so prefer Youtube TV over Netflix or Amazon Prime or traditional cable. $40/mo gets me all the ESPN channels, TNT, TBS, plus my local sports teams. You get to share it with 5 other accounts and 3 can stream simultaneously.

    I like better than and definitely over

  2. All I want is hgtv. Where can I get that without paying for a full service? Haven’t had cable for 5 years 🙂

  3. Josh,

    Totally with you on what you say in BlockSeekers- blockchain is still at the very beginning- crypto is morphing a bit but blockchain technology is a fundamental shift that will take years to play out.


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