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I’m Officially Headed to Webfest: A Look Back at My “10 Reasons You Want to Meet Me”

In a change of heart I have decided to attend Webfest.  Originally I had decided there was just too much rearranging of schedules to make it happen.  A few friends calling and asking me to go combined with a little realization that I NEED to go, changed my mind.  There are conversations to be had, business to be done, and a few beers that need to be poured that lead to friendships and profits.  You can certainly do it without attendance but there’s so much more fun and money to be made if you do.  Three years ago I was attending my first conference and I wrote a little piece called.  “10 Reasons Why You Need to Meet Me”.  Three years later I still think we need to meet but let’s see how things have changed

Here is the original piece with new comments

1. To find out if the rumors on the Internet about me finding the ultimate Vegas shirt at Goodwill are true.  Rumor has it that I found the luckiest, best looking Vegas shirt in the world

Early on I thought it was working and realized they were just Las Vegas prostitutes.  It did seem to work for Oscar Correa as he met a girl that night in Vegas that he will soon be marrying 3 years later.  Lucky shirt must have given luck outward not inward.

2. When you talk to me in person, I don’t misspell everything.  I pronounce your and you’re exactly the same and hardly screw it up. It will be a refreshing change from reading this blog.

Amen.  A truer statement has never been said.  Thank goodness for Berkens.  He may be the only guy that misspells words as much as I do.  Takes off the heat

3. I have a ton a great ideas and business plans but not enough time and money to make them happen.  Get me drunk and you should easily be able to find a million dollar idea in the junk that I spit out.

This actually became true.  I, Ron Wells and Oscar had a few beers with someone that changed our life. We were introduced to a business plan that have given us good profits since that very day. All because we went to a domain conference and had a few beers

4.  I saved you or someone you know $30 a night on a hotel room at the Hard Rock with this post and I’m taking hand shakes in payment

Nobody really cared.  They blew more than I saved them in 90 seconds at the clubs.  30 dollars in Vegas is like saving a nickel on a pack of gum at home

5. To ask me in person how I got every single reader of this blog to install an alexa toolbar on their browser.  (has to be the only way I’ve gotten such a good Alexa score this month)

Alexa only got better and the traffic has tripled since then as well.  On the same note, ask me things in person at a conference and I will actually answer versus all the emails I get asking for valuations or help selling a name.  In person I’ll answer every question.  I prefer to say in 3 minutes in person than spend 15 minutes typing out.  Webfest is a perfect place to talk

6. If you’re a runner you’ll have a running partner.  If you’re looking to get in 6 or 7 miles before the first session I’m your man.

This has yet to happen.  I am so damn tired or hungover that I have never run a mile in 4 events.  This year will be different.  I may miss the first session but I WILL run

7.  I could be the future of domaining.  Most likely I’m not,  but since I’m going to be right there in the same room you might as well come over to meet me just in case.

I’m a hell of a lot closer to that being true than three years ago.  I COULD make a living doing this which is very rare in this industry. Most of the big guys still don’t give me the time of day but it’s of no concern. I’m not here to have everyone throw their dicks on the table.  I’m here to makes some money, make some friends, and have a good time.

8.  I need company.  I don’t know anyone personally at the conference and need somebody to talk to.

I now know a ton of people but I still enjoy meeting new people each time. I have made some good friends and look forward to seeing the faces of people I email or talk to on the phone.  Hoping to see Chris Stroud and Alan Dunn for the first time.

9. I’m a hell of a sports better.  Stick with me and you could pay for your whole TRAFFIC week

Not Applicable BUT this will come back into play in May

10.  Meeting people is what TRAFFIC is all about.  You should meet everyone in the room anyway so why not me.

The same goes for Webfest.  Come for the seminars, stay for the people.  Too many domain investors stay in their own circles.  Most are very friendly and out going. They realize there are some great, interesting people in our industry that are great to chat with. There is always something to learn.  Those that say there is nothing in it for them to attend a conference are wrong.  It takes one connection that can change your bottom line.  I’m hoping I make two this year.


See you guys there.  If anyone wants to get together for lunch at one of the table let me know.  I’m trying to get my friends at Oversee to open a table for us.  The Shane and friends table.  In the past we’ve only needed 4 chairs but hoping it’s bigger this year.

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  1. Shane if there’s a Domainer I think it would be fun to have a drink with, it would be you!


    J S

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