A Friendly Guide to Writing A Useless but Amazing Domain Name Auction

Feb 13 2015

Writing a domain name auction is tough.  Especially tough when the domain is not that good.  But don’t let that stop you.  You too can write such a great name description that nobody will even know you have a domain worth $7.  It takes a little work.  Some copy and pasting.  But it’s most important that you forget about the true value of your domain and tap in to its potential.  Let the words do the describing, not the data.  The data merely clouds the value.  Its the words that draw, that move the market.

The great thing about Flippa is the ability to describe your domain. The terrible thing about Flippa is people have to describe their domain.   Most sellers have no idea what to say.  “One of the best domains you can buy” “Category killer” ” Don’t miss your chance to own this valuable asset” “trillion dollar industry”.  Not one of those sentences has anything to do with that domain and in no way lets the buyers know of the value or potential value of that name.  The only thing that can be used to define it are searches, type ins, and comparable sales.  That’s it.  The rest is noise.  The sellers can’t possibly think that putting all that garbage on it will make it appear more valuable.  If it doesn’t have the data I described I know the seller has no idea what he is selling.  He is putting out a hook and a worm and hoping something hits it.  To save everyone time I am going to put a list of statements to put on your auction that you can cut and paste.

1. Don’t miss your chance to own this valuable asset (feel free to use “rare opportunity” to replace chance to take it to the next level)

2. Category defining domain

3. Be part of a billion dollar industry (feel free to insert trillion to make it sound even better)

 4. The value of premium (insert TLD here) is soaring right now and (insert domain name here)  speaks for itself.

5. Ultra-premium single word domain with huge potential  (ultra is even better than just premium)

6. Amazing  (insert this words at least 3 times throughout)

7. Massive development potential here

8.  Picture a website where you can (fill in something fun and profitable here)

9. Let’s not forget the intangible value it holds (do not list the intangibles or they may become tangible)

10.  Extremely Brandable Category Defining Name should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy.  (by putting all the above into one sentence it confuses them into bidding)

11.  FREE Push from your account to theirs (to remind them you would never charge to move a domain that is still locked because you just bought it)

12. (insert domain here) a brandable name hence no need for extra work.  (to remind them how easy its going to be to make money with the name)

13.   The current appearance of the website is for visual conceptualization only  (be sure to copy a very well designed, expensive buildout)

14. This domain and sub domain’s will be sold at this auction  (be sure to tell them that the name will also appear in Google somewhere if a site is built)

15. Hottest Product .com Name Available on Flippa  (remember, none of this has be true if you use non measurable words)

16.  RARE   …. If you don’t say anything else you have to put this.  Nobody else has this domain………NOBODY


And if this is just too over the top for you,  just do THIS.  The ultimate minimalist in domain name descriptions.   Hope all this helps.  Please send me 2% of your sales total of your auction in thanks to my paypal addy.


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  1. Glenn

    Very good post. The 3 most misused and overused words / phrases on Flippa are “RARE” , “RARE OPPORTUNITY” and “CATEGORY-KILLER”.
    Shane , I’m going to try the minimalist approach with my next 2 Flippa listings. Just the facts. No fluff. Your 2% is on the way 🙂

  2. Nat Hunt

    “11. FREE Push from your account to theirs (to remind them you would never charge to move a domain that is still locked because you just bought it)”


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