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Is a New Modern Day .Mobi Price Record About to Be Set With


Dot mobi has become legendary….but not for a good reason. Dot mobi even took the legendary Rick Schwartz, king of domains, for a spill. Evidently there is one keyword that can overcome ANY tld, 888. Those three numbers could possibly be the most valuable “keywords” in the world. Valuable because they need no translation. Valuable because 2 billion people cherish them. But is it valuable enough to make even a dot mobi hit a high price? Evidently. is auctioning off and with 5 days left its already at $3,000.  According to Namebio, 888 has fetched some pretty good prices on other alternative tlds $3,633 $10,000 $10,000 $925

Contrary to popular belief there are still solid prices being fetched in the .mobi sales.  Again, according to Namebio a few of the latest price $1,525 2012-10-25 $3,868 2012-09-27 $980 2012-04-23 $4,623 2012-02-14 $2,800 2011-08-18 $2,500 2011-08-13 $500 2011-08-05 $1,001 2011-07-21 $1,000 2011-07-12 $1,750 2011-06-28 $1,650 2011-06-09 $2,650 2011-06-07 $600 2011-06-07 $600 2011-05-23 $1,549 2011-05-16 $575 2011-05-16 $750 2011-05-15 $1,060 2011-05-13 $800 2011-05-11 $999 2011-05-09

Earlier in 2011 sold at $6900 and at $10,000 marking the modern day high in the tld. I think 888 breaks those highs, making it (in my mind only) the most or at least one of the most valuable term in the world. We’ll find out in 5 days

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  1. Not a fan of .mobi, although it sure is better than .tel! However, 888 is the definitive number for the Chinese market buyers.

  2. Not that I think Mobi merits any real value, but I hoping is worth a bit more than the 12 bucks I paid for it as GoDaddy auction a few months ago.

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