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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 8th

Now we’re back. Finally some decent names coming through. For the record there are two names that I held back off the list.  They have no bidders. Can you guess what they are?  I doubt it.  Here are the names I like.  Have a nice day  I like the name a lot and not because I like trundles. Honestly I’m really not sure what it is.  I just like the word.  Would make a great brand  A bit cliche but obviously a good aged gossip name   17 year old but the J has reduced it to only 4 bids   No bidders. Here’s a good name for you new quote site. 14 years old  CCC that will do well. Why? because they always do on Namejet  Not often do a see Snapnames names I like but there have been a few today.  It’s actually a health search engine but also a form of a the French verb meaning “to enter”  I thought it was a good buy at this price  See above  Good name  Don’t have any ambition?  Here’s you chance to finally get some  The word Mod definitely increases the value.  14 years old  No bidders.  I sound like a broken record but two words that everyone know and can easily remember.  I like these kinds of names and they sell……eventually See Foodpatch (17 years old) Under $1000 is a good price IMO  No bidders. A heck of a lot better than tattoos.  At least you can wash this off as opposed to getting the tattoo of a girl you met at The Thirsty Whale on your forehead  No I know the big ones are called conventions but there are still a lot of smaller shows I guess you can call this pronounceable. On the forums they call asdihf pronounceable If beer really provided power then I guy I know could light the city  If Lance Armstrong were Polish he would be doing these.  Then again he does these anyway.  Steriods (Polish)

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Domain Spotlight:

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