It’s Official: Godaddy’s Partnership with KKR is Complete, Warren Adelman New CEO

Dec 16 2011

News just came out that the partnership between Godaddy and KKR is a done deal with all the employees and people owning options getting their money today.  Bob Parsons had very kind words for those that stuck with the company.  He stated

“Many of you have stood by me through some incredibly difficult times, during which many of your peers abandoned ship. Please know that I deeply appreciate your loyalty and will never forget that that loyalty more than anything is what made this day possible. Thank you so much for hanging in there with me. I am very proud of all we achieved that made this deal possible. I am also incredibly excited about what lies ahead for us and all the wonderful new things we will accomplish together with our new partners”

Bob Parson’s title starting today is now Founder and Executive Chairman with Adelman officially becoming the new CEO.  Congratulations to the shareholder and option holders on their much deserved paychecks.

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