Kid Rock Headlines GoDaddy Holiday Party

Dec 11 2011

Bob Parsons is known for throwing over the top holiday parties at GoDaddy, and this year is no different.

Parsons threw his annual holiday bash tonight at Chase Field in Phoenix with an ‘All-American’ theme and at the end of the night American Badass Kid Rock took the stage to rock what some are considering the last GoDaddy holiday party.

Country singers Dierks Bentley and Trace Adkins performed earlier in the night in perhaps the first GoDaddy holiday party that featured performers that are relevant to today’s music scene. Previous years’ performers were considered somewhat ‘washed-up’ or ‘has beens’.

As usual Bob gave out a ton of money to his employees throughout the night.  The reported cost of the party was rumored to exceed $4MM this year.

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  1. John

    Kid Rock throws one of the better live shows out there. He brings it every show. A Real Rock Star. Great to see GoDaddy threw a party like that for their employees.

  2. ChrisWoodward

    John, I’m from Detroit and have been a huge fan of his since ’96. I’ve seen him 12 times and go on a cruise with him every year and you are spot on, he puts on an amazing show. I catch a lot of flack from people outside of Detroit for liking him so much, but I’ve had the opportunity to take a few of those people to his show and they always leave saying that it was the best concert they have ever seen. The guy knows how to entertain.

  3. John

    Chris, I saw him at Soldier Field in Chicago last summer with Bon Jovi. I thought he blew away Bon Jovi. When it comes to Rock Stars he’s the Real Deal. He deserves all the success he has. If you’re in the area for one of his shows in the future let me know.

  4. john

    I was there… it was amazing…. BUT i left before kid rocked performed, was not thrilled for the country music only choice. i doubt Im the only one there last night that was not thrilled. country is a very nitchy type of music.

  5. Tracy

    This was my 2nd GoDaddy party (I went to one 3 years ago, missed last year) and HOLY CRAP it was 100% different. I’d heard last year’s was pretty over-the-top compared to my first party, but this was INSANE! A giant sand castle, models of iconic US landmarks to represent cities such as New York & Vegas area (complete with casino-type games). If you looked at the pictures I took of each featured city area, you’d never believe it was inside Chase Field. I really hope, even if it isn’t this extravagant, that they keep doing holiday parties! But I really doubt I’ll EVER forget that party!

  6. ChrisWoodward

    I saw them both at ‘Country Thunder’, a huge 3 day country music festival in AZ a few years ago…and KR blew Keith Urban away.
    Get this, I went to his 40th B-Day party back in january, he did 3 hours…that was quite possibly the greatest show ever.

  7. John

    Kid Rock has some powerful Pipes. Enough to blow most acts away.
    If he comes to Chicago next summer we should meet up for the show and talk domains. I think he likes the Chicago scene. Maybe, you can get Shane and some other local domain people as well to show up.

  8. Honor

    Yeah… I could have lived without the country acts, but didn’t mind them. I
    m not one of those “stand screaming at the foot of the stage” kind of people, so I didn’t miss much by just having them as background music.

    I’d have to say my opinion of Kid Rock is higher than it was before seeing him live, though.

    The rest of the party – the food, the games, the ambiance, the people – it was just amazing. Watching people’s faces, watching their friends cheering for them, after they just got a surprise $10,000 (after taxes) bonus is pretty neat. 🙂

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