KQ.com Sells For $102,480 At 4.cn

Dec 04 2012

Although it won’t make it on any of the domain industry weekly sales lists, KQ.com sold this morning over at 4.cn for $102,480 or 638,000 RMB for all you Chinese currency buyers.  You probably have noticed that the Chinese are starting to become major players in the domain industry.  Something that I have been preaching since I started this blog.

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to understand that a community of 2 billion people in the largest economy in the world may be an area that domain investors want to target.  This year was a turning point with some pretty solid prices being fetched for some short Chinese oriented names over at Namejet.

The price was exactly the going rate for a LL.com with a bad letter (bad letter to English speakers but not necessarily to other languages) .  They seem to go for that $100K rate.  Most have sold privately by people such as Mr LL.com, Andrew Rosener at Media Options , but the publicly released prices at Namebio from the last two years show that the range varies greatly but ZY.com sold at $106,000 last year up to $325K for BJ.com.

Congrats to 4.cn and the buyer.  I think he/she made a good investment

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  1. Ron

    These chinese buyers sure spend serious money in the aftermarket, but they sure BS around when it comes to make serious offers on owned names. I had one guy say he wanted a deal on a $5K name, because it was a present for his grandfathers birthday. Even at tdnam, and nj these guys are bidding up a storm, which is fine, but they need to figure out their are better names sitting in portfolios.

  2. picas

    I visited their website and saw that it ‘s too simple and not attractive as a big domain dealer in China …and I dont know the way a domainer can list their names to sell there ???

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