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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 4th

I’m not sure I think that the jointventure/leasing domain thing is going to take off but one should certainly try and monetize their domains in any way they can.  I’m not sure I have any domains that are worthy of leasing but I did end up buying one that will help me in the future if I choose to go that route.  I purchased because I think it does a pretty good job of describing what I want to do with my domains.  Perhaps as well as  Here are today’s names. Have a nice day  First two letter dot com to come across an auction in a while. Ends at 8ish am central time so get in early.  Its at $79,000 and has met reserve so it WILL sell and will NOT make the weekly sales chart.  I like it because its 18 years old and short.  I have always liked 18 years old but unless I’m talking domains its a little creepy  Good statcounter type name.  1994 Birthday  Ahhhh A’s.  You know I love them  The most precious thing you have.  Right behind is my iPhone  Two things that people are looking for in food  These are sneaking by any more.  Already 70 bidders.  Might as well join in  Only two bidders.  Solid lead generation name  Public Auction ends today and surprised its under $8K at the time I wrote this   Deleting domain.  Good eco name Not sure if I like this over $1K but I do like it The kind of 5L.coms I like…..and sell Under $300 seems to be a good deal for most of the LNL.coms This one is much cheaper are going for a little less than LNL.coms in general but it really depends on which letters and numbers are in the domain. There is money to be made if you have a good sense of going rates. I know you can’t trust Godaddy’s traffic number but they say this gets over 80,000 a month. Even if it gets a fifth of that it would be a good buy at this price

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12 Replies to “SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 4th”

  1. I also think that this Joint venture leasing option will not take off. Why in the world would anyone build a mansion on somebody else’s land.And then get held for ransom when you take the option of buying it.They may bamboozle the old timers with this cure all tonic but the new breed of internetters are more savvy than this.They would rather build an app on a new tld extention or long tailed dot com rather than pay some cybersquatter thousands per month to put his kid through college.
    We will have all forgotten about this Jointventure website in 5 years time until someone says whatever happened to that project, is it still around? Nah.

    BTW is a fantastic domain, dont waste it on a domain leasing project, use it for something more realistic like property.

  2. Yeah I don’t think this whole house rental thing is going to take off either. Why in the world would someone want to live in a house and pay somebody else’s mortgage and put the homeowner’s kids through college? That’s just dumb. It’ll never work.

  3. Not many houses you can rent out for $8 a year, if you have a great idea, and are a hard worker, no reason you can’t make it work, ie) twitter, flickr, and countless other domains that were once considered worthless…

  4. @ Garry

    Thats not what I said.You cannot compare renting a house because thats not what it is.YOU have to build the house, they are only giving you the land.Joint Venture are not giving you an existing website, they are just giving you the domain with traffic.You have to build the site, you have to do the promotions, marketing & build the brand, you have to do everything and still you don’t own anything.Its ridiculous.

  5. Take it from someone selling hundreds of domains every month. There will be huge demand on the buyer side to lease a domain.
    I think we as domainers forget that $10000 or more is a large amount of money that the average person can not or will not spend.
    However, being able to start a business with $100 per month is something most people will take a flyer on.

    Make it a lease to buy scenario and I think even more end users would take a chance.

  6. @Brian Kliener

    Problem is that there wont be any $100 per month offers.Rick said “our base is $1000”.

    Would you pay $2,000 per month for SEOCONSULTANT.COM ?

    No nor me.

  7. @ Alan,

    You said “they are just giving you the domain with traffic.”

    Well no shit. That’s the whole premise behind leasing the domain; to get the free traffic coming in. Apparently you don’t realize what that traffic is worth. It’s free and it’s pre-qualifed. They’re already looking for the product or service that’s in the domain name itself. What more do you want? If you don’t know how to convert that traffic into sales, you don’t need to be leasing it in the first place. It’s ALL about the traffic.

    And I’d venture a guess that nobody would enter into a lease agreement without knowing if it is for sale at the end of the lease, and if so, what the sale price will be at that time. If you’re going to sign a lease-to-own deal, you damn well better know up front what the purchase price is going to be.

    And so what if it fails. At least he’s trying to make the industry better. He’s not sitting on the sidelines bitching about his lack of playing time.

    I might be wrong, but I think it was Zig Ziglar who referred to you people as “losers in the lounge.” (People who congregate in the lounge after work and talk about the successful people doing it all wrong.)

    It seems like you don’t like for other people to make money off you. If you could see the big picture, it’s a win-win situation. Both sides make money. Maybe you should send him an email asking him to donate one of his good domains to you because “you’re just a poor college kid using the name for a project.” That works every time. Just don’t tell anybody, because everybody will use that one.

  8. @Garry

    “Its all about the traffic”


    You’ve got a lot to learn.If you really believe that type in traffic these days is so valuable and is everything then you are still stuck in 1996 with the old guard and need to move on and get with the future.Do you really believe all the type ins for SEOCONSULTANT.COM are from people looking for an SEO consultant? and not SEO people seeing if the domain is available.Who directly types in nowadays? Do YOU , do I ? No, only bots and people with little knowledge of the internet.Valuable direct type-in’s days are over now, its not the 1990’s when they were valuable,but nowadays its about type in names we see, brands etc..If you are looking for an SEO Consultant would you blindly type in SEOCONSULTANT.COM?No, nor would most people brought up with the internet.
    I couldn’t care less it fails,good luck to him, I am saying that it wont be huge.Yes, there will be a couple of big deals announced on the platform before it will get pushed under the rug and gather dust.

    And if you think its all about the existing traffic and not building a brand and building fresh traffic and an identity on the net then you are from the old school like Rick and your era is ending.

  9. @Alan,

    Just because you don’t use direct navigation doesn’t mean nobody uses it. You have a certain view of the world as do I. It sounds like you’re guilty like I am that everyone has the same beliefs and M.O.s as you. That’s a nasty trap that can cost us a lot of money.

    One thing that I failed to mention that keeps sticking in my mind is the credibility that a category defining domain gives. You can’t build that with SEO.

    I’m not really from the old school. I wish I would have been there in the 90s but I didn’t get it yet.

    I agree with you about brand building but why could you not start with a great name and build a brand around the generic, which people equate with THE authority on the subject?,,, etc.

    And if you’re budget minded and can’t afford the upfront cost of the name, leasing is a great option. It gives you the opportunity to build cash and test the business before the big capital outlay.

  10. @Garry

    I never said that nobody uses direct navigation, read what I said again.And I thoroughly agree with you that a category defining domain can give you credibility.I am not arguing that, what I am arguing is the leasing option.
    Look, the company I work for deals with startups every day from all over the world ,general age 16-37, and these people think differently to domainers.Domainers have a vast knowledge of the domain industry….the general public does not.They want a brandable name to use for their startup, they don’t care for category defining domains priced at $1 million let alone lease it for $20k per month, they would rather stick their dick in a grinder than do that.The people we deal with want to build a name for themselves, build their own brand, its part of the challenge for them ,its part of the fun.They do not want to pay $25k for a domain, they would rather pay $100-$2000 and couldn’t care less as long as they get the brandable they want.Thats the future and I agree.
    Rick said so much about only accepting domains with high traffic volumes and category killers…but SEOCONSULTING.COM? I checked the ALEXA when he mentioned it and it was around 8,000,000 at the time, oh yeah great steady traffic.He probably turned down so many better domains but as soon as his buddy wants to put a name forward, no problem.
    And who do you think will benefit from the leasing of these premium category killers.The same 1% that own the best names out there and who are already millionaires, not you the common domainer but the rich old guard.
    Why do you guys treat him like a king?

  11. @Alan

    Well, he IS the king, is he not?

    I think it’s interesting to see all the different schools of thought in this industry. I prefer Rick’s method,but I’m on a miniscule scale compared to him. And even though we disagree, I wish you luck in your endeavors as well as anybody else that does this.

    Thanks for the impassioned discussion.

  12. @Garry

    Yes, it is definitely good to see different schools of thought and it helps anyone reading this conversation to see different aspects of the industry.
    I think that domainers need to interact more with the world outside of this domain community to see the changes happening around us.I know there have been many challengers to domains in the past but somehow its different this time, I think we can all feel it.Apps will continue to effect the domain industry, how many times have we seen a good name in the droplists but thought “Forget it, there’s an app that can do that” Apps will NEVER kill off the industry but they will replace the need for many websites and nowadays startups will continue to build around an app before a website is even designed.But its the future technology on the horizon that you have to fear.
    However the marketplaces that sell domains in the “SWEETSPOT” price range that will thrive and flourish while demand for $50k+ domains will slow down.I may be wrong but I see a lot of upheaval ahead and we will see how it is in 10 years time.

    And thanks Garry for this intelligent conversation.

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