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Major League Baseball missing out on some great playoff related domains…and they’re for sale

I love baseball. I realize a lot of people don’t, they say it’s boring. It’s only boring if you watch it on the surface. If you know the ins-and-outs of the game, understand the strategies that aren’t talked about, and realize the game is more of a mental battle than catch and throw, it’s the greatest game in the world. But I get where people are coming from. I’d rather stick my head in a blender than watch a half of soccer…I’m sure lots of you will tell me why I’m so wrong, but I’m not.

According to Domain Tools, Major League Baseball (MLB Advanced Media in the WHOis) owns 2,959 domain names to date. They own almost all the generic team names like,, and They don’t skimp on paying either as last year they shelled out $200,000 for (the site for the Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem California USA Earth or whatever they’re called now). So as I sit here watching the MLB playoffs every night, I have to wonder why Major League Baseball doesn’t own some playoff related domains that seem like no-brainers…oh, and they’re for sale, for cheap by MLB standards.

If you’re a baseball fan, and even if you’re not, you’ve undoubtedly heard the terms ALCS and NLCS. These are advertised all over radio, TV, billboards, and the internet. They stand for American League Championship Series and National League Championship Series and are the biggest thing in baseball other than the World Series (MLB does own So it comes as quite a surprise that MLB does not own and, especially because these are the letters that make up the logos that are drawn on the fields, shown on billboards, and even displayed in the upper right hand corner of the television screen throughout the entire game/series. But if MLB wanted these domains, they could actually obtain them pretty easily. is for sale. Check out the site, the current owner makes it pretty easy. $6,450 buys the name, non-negotiable. is also for sale but through an offer link on it’s parked page.

Seems to me like 13K max buys MLB both names. Certainly a solid investment if you ask me…remember they do own 3000 other domains, many of which are garbage, these are not.

As for the league’s divisional series’, is for sale while is not. has an asking price of $5,695 on it’s site. is the website for a company selling ‘assisted listening device systems’…good for them, good domain.

If MLB didn’t own many other names then perhaps I could understand not owning these that are available. But, the fact of the matter is that a company that owns and for no apparent reason should also own two domains that are directly related to their biggest marketing campaign of the year. Some things, I guess, I will never understand.

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