Tuesday’s Big List of Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Oct 11 2011

I wrote a little article yesterday about start up names that have appeared on TechCrunch and ironically I received emails from two people that had each sold one of the names on the list.  So even though many of the names seemed to be hand registered or purchased cheaply, they actually were purchased from domainers.  And that was just the people that emailed me.  Very nice to hear.  Speaking of nice, these names aren’t.   Maybe the list will be better tomorrow.

CookieArtist.com There are cake artist so why can’t there be cookie artist?  Somebody is going to start a cookies only shop and they’ll want this name.  I’d trade if straight up for a ton of cookies if it was me.

ArizonaLawyer.org 2300 searches and $20 CPC

Honkeys.com Haven’t heard the term in a while but everything makes a comeback. Well everything but Bido. I take that back they are the .de king

FatChicken.com Great brandable name.

InsideSpace.com NASA type site or interior design. 1999 Birthday.

Stunner.com The owner wants WAY too much for it but still a nice name

PeertoPeer.org This would be great for …..well peer to peer.

0959.com Pretty nice digits.  Zero in the beginning takes it down to low 1XXX value.

T13.com   OK it’s my name but accepting offers.  There weren’t very many good ones today so I filled with my own stock.

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