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Mar 21 2015

Photo by Gerald Garner Jr. Mark HershiserMany of you read the Daily domain picks of Mark Hershiser over at his blog    and probably noticed that he stopped posting.  Mark and I were friends before he wrote his blog and we’re still friends now , so I reached out to see if he was OK.  And he is.  The broken arm he suffered last year really made blogging difficult and threw off his schedule but he tried to kept posting.  Until he didn’t.

Turns out Mark got busy in his “regular” day schedule.  He took a job at a radio station that is supposed to be temporary.  And we know how much he loves music so who knows where that will lead.  He also has a 20 year herb business that he is winding down and it sounds like there was a lot of things to do with that as well.  For a while there he was put up some of his old videos and talked about how he was restoring and getting back into music.  Sounds like the herb business may be turned into a recording studio.  And as all bloggers know, once you stop blogging you realize how much time you spent blogging and are reminded how many other things you can accomplish when you’re not pounding the keyboard for hours on end.

Mark says he’ll be back and we all hope he will.   It’s was always nice to hear his view of the daily aftermarket and about him personally .  One of the coolest cats in Domain Investing.  Just thought a lot of you would like to know he’s doing fine.

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  1. Jen

    Thanks for the update.

    I was wondering where he had gone and am happy to hear that he’s well.


  2. Travis

    Funny, I was actually thinking about him the other day. Ran by a name or 2 that I thought would be right up his alley. Some of the industry humor died when he stopped posting. You’ve been missed Mark.

  3. page howe

    thank shane for the update and best to Mark. you hit the right tone and i wish Mark the best.

    mark let me know if we can help on your now third hobby …………. domaining.

    page howe

  4. David Gruttadaurio

    Hey Shane… it’s been six months since your update. Have you touched base with Mark lately? Hope he’s mended and doing well.

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