Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: MakeSpace.com, HomeLane.com, Valuations.com, More

Mar 21 2015

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Blacklist.com for $85,000

  • The domain is parked and under privacy protection.

2. Like.it for $75,900

  • A general-interest Italian language site is live, with topics ranging from technology to love. Alexa rank near 180,000. Owned by Algorith Media, which is based in Italy, and is “an advertising company founded in 2012 that creates and use new generation algorithms to provide its partners the most effective technologies and services”, per their LinkedIn profile.


3. Arwin.com for $60,000

  • Domain is parked and under privacy protection.

4. iAcademy.com for $55,000

  • The domain redirects to a page on the BePublishing.com website, and it reveals their plans, “iAcademy is B.E. Publishing’s new portal for delivering business, career, and information technology classes online“.


5. MakeSpace.com for $33,000

  • An acquisition by a start-up with $10 million in funding. Alexa rank near 145,000. “MakeSpace is New York’s #1 consumer rated storage company. We deliver free bins (or boxes if you’re outside of NYC or Chicago) for you to pack with items you’d like to store. We pick up, store, and deliver your stuff back when you want so you never have to visit a storage unit again. At our secure storage facility, we upload high-quality overhead photos of your bins or boxes so you know what you have in MakeSpace at all times. This makes ordering your things back simple.”


6. Valuations.com for $30,000

  • A business valuation company which promotes a free service. Alexa rank near 1.9 million. “Valuations.com was founded by three business owners that wanted to understand the value of their company without having to spend a lot of time and money for it. By developing a formula that only requires minimal information; they created an easy method for business owners to discover anonymously the worth of their company. “


7. KonutKredisi.com for $27,900

  • A Turkish language mortgage calculator and lead-gen site is live. Alexa rank near 2.8 million.


8. HomeLane.com for $24,000

  • Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 80,000, and they just raised $4.5 million in funding last month. “HomeLane is India’s leading end to end, vertically integrated interior design and manufacturing provider.”


9. Green.it for $22,701

  • An Italian language portal is live, “Green.it is the portal dedicated to sustainable lifestyles, environment and nature. Every day many updated news from Italy and the world.”


10. SPTV.com for $22,000

  • No site is live, and the domain is under privacy protection.
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