Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 4-30-12

Apr 30 2012

I have a few names going off today that I would like you to pay a lot of money for.  I’ve also included some names that I also like today but not as concerned what you pay for those.  Enjoy the last day of the month. Hope you made your numbers is you have any.  My name and I think it needs to get the hands of someone that can do more with it or a domain investor willing to pay good money for it.

SPWC.comI know I put a lot of these things on the lists but they are coming up in droves and getting good prices 300 million of them in the world. That is a pretty strong user base.  Could be a solid or a Hub.  Either way, me likey  Now that they have graduation parties for every step along the way, this could be a very profitable name

Facebookam.comDespite knowing that they are eventually going to get a C & D, look how many are still bidding on this   It’s mine as well.  Get it for half what I paid for it   And another  With no bidders this is worth a shot for the phone payment systems of the future Another solid   Something that millions are searching for.  Maybe not on Google, but in life

TheOneArmedCook.comNot very valuable but very curious about the original registrant

49d.comShort and liquid

Hunting.bizThis is the only type of name I would ever consider buying .biz. I think it works if you are in the hunting business. it aloud and you’ll see why I like it. Others agree because its actually getting a decent price

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  1. Post author

    Seriously Jason? You think that was the winning bid? The auction starts tomorrow. This was the prebid part. Maybe you were joking or maybe you don’t participate in a lot of auctions. You need to have a little talk with Ronny, Me and Oscar and teach you a little about the business 🙂

  2. Jason Thompson

    I meant to say prebid my friend lol. This name has surpassed my budget. Looks like you’ll have an extra grand or two in your pocket for it. Stop comment bashing me Shane, you’re a domainer blog bully! 😉

  3. Post author

    Just sticking up for my gay domain. I felt you attacked it. I was going to stop blogging because of it but I think we’ve met up and now are ready to have a beer together this summer. We loved, we hated, and we loved. It was a perfect comment war.

  4. Jason Thompson

    ROFLOL! My fault I tend to get a little passionate about my domain commentary. I didn’t mean to offend your gay domain. Can’t we all just blog along? I will only have a beer this summer with you if it is followed by a colorful fruity drink. No pun intended. 🙂

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