Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-1-12

May 01 2012

Had my best income month of the my short domain investing career. My auctions went incredibly well, my blog actually made decent money, and I had a few domain sales. I did more this month than I did ALL of last year. Things are looking up. I’d like to think its because of hard work but in reality I know its more than just hard work, its time. It takes years to build something good and when it starts to build it snowballs. Like my marathon the other day. You just keep at it and eventually you’ll figure out what you’re doing and you’ll hit you goals. It may not happen quickly and there will be plenty of disappointments but if you just keep working at it and improving on your mistakes….you’ll get there.

ScubaDuba.comLove the name and so do a few others. Look at the price

Ozar.com Sounds like the name of an Ogre but still a pretty good LLLL.com and pronounceable

BumperBowling.com  I’ll never forget the day my Dad took the bumpers off our bowling alley in our rec room growing up.  He always pushed us to do things the hard way.  He even made me pay for gas one time.

RFSA.com  Ends in my favorite “A”  1998 Birthday

MorningBlue.com This is the kind of name that seems to do well. Two words, words you know, and age.

ShavedBalls.com  I’ve been looking for a new email address since I sold IknowEverything.com. I think I’ve found it.

WebSuite.com   Sounds like a package I should own

 Investory.com  Webby sounding name and others agree if you agreeing means lots of bidders

ZipperRepair.com   Man do I need this service.  I break a zipper a month.  Mostly in the jeans but occasionally I get the old split at the bottom with the zipper still in the middle on my hoodies

NowDisk.com   Sounds like a cloud type name to me but cheaper.  No bidders

OilLube.com    Just a few of these services around

TheHornyPhotographer.comSounds like the worst children’s book ever written

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