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Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-16-12

Some HUGE names on the board today. You’re going to need to bring your checkbook today for some of these. There are still plenty of names that hopefully will slip through the cracks at a discount. Curious to see how much goes for. Hope it does well but my guess is it’s down from the last auction. Here are today’s names Never seen this many bidders on a name  Funny how the results can be the scariest or happiest moment in your life. Either way, things will change in a dramatic way  Might as well pair these two.  Surprised such a low number of bidders  Not sure what someone would do with this site. Hate to say this but someone is probably going to overpay for this one  Lots of bidders and again, going to take a creative business model to make this site.  Videos? sure, Previews?  Not as much. Nice generic and again, look at all those bidders so what do I know This on the other hand, is perhaps the easiest build out ever. Just put that scrolling debt sign type thing up.  Never have so many people made so much money giving out free stuff  I’ll say this one hits $600  O for organization makes this a premium IMO.  Should do well  I should buy this because its my initials (if you add a letter and have a few of the other ones a few letters off) but too many bidders for me. I like the room empty at my auctions Memorable, 14 years old, and people are always asking me to give them a funky beat  A much better than average I’d visit. A compilation of free apps would be very popular

And thanks to Paul that points out that Godaddy has a working $4.95 Code

The Code is 495SCOTT

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    I’ll be watching (not mine) with great interest.

    Yeah, did sell, but the sale fell through.

    Just a numpty bidder who had no intentions of paying up.


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