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Sunday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-15-12

I thought I would sneak in a quick list today. Doing a small sprint Tri today and heading to Ohio State for some business.  I love conferences because its a good time get some great photos for the websites.  New varieties of plants, new ideas for hand registration, and no customers to deal with.  A working vacation.  I’ll do my best to keep up the list but as you all know, the nightlife of conferences keeps you up a little later than at home.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 16 years old  Popular last name or a guy that has a little inner tube and dives a lot. 17 years old Backgrounds singers are one of the most under appreciated part of the concert. This domain is under appreciated as well. 10 years old and $12 Two words you know, a baseball term. Good enough for a few hundred dollar price tags  My favorite this week  No bidders.  15 years old.  The word “the” is saving you a few hundred dollars or more  I think its a dictionary word. No bidders and 14 years old  No bidders and applicable to many people I’ve met over the years   Oh yeah, Coke is a trademark unless you are having Bacardi and Cocaine  Data analysis and collection is going to only become more important with time J is OK in the front. A killer if its at the end


And thanks to Paul that points out that Godaddy has a working $4.95 Code

The Code is 495SCOTT

.CA Domains only $12.99 at!

Domain Spotlight:

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