Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-9-12

Jul 09 2012

With my hard drive out I went to go get another computer to hold me off until I get a new  desktop.  My laptop was kind of old also so I figured I would get a laptop first and then a desktop next week. I set out to buy the new Macbook with retina display but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much for something that I really didn’t need. Just ended up buying a Mac air.  Of course I love it and its light and doesn’t burn my balls like my old laptop.  Now I just need to have a good month to pay for all my new computer expenses.  Here are today’s names. You know I get all giddy over LLLL.coms that end with A. 1994 Birthday adds value as well  I’ll guess $1500 as the final price  HUGE name IMO.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit $5K plus  Very hard to believe this one has only 1 bidder. 17 years old  It seems that every boy has some Irish name now like Keegan, Tegan, Keeran, Kogan.  There will be a lot of teens that will want this one.  This is 17 years old though, before they were probably all born  This one would do very well at  The future will have all our luggage with RFID locators in them.  No bidders Easy to remember but may want to get 3circles.  No bidders Even at $400 this is a pretty easy one to remember. 1999 Birthday ICQ was the first text program so old school people may like the text reference As a browsed the list this one caught my eye. Yet again, a name I thought I would get cheap turns out to already be at a much higher price. These two common word brand domains are really fetching solid numbers Sure it’s a brandable but everyone knows this is a loan origination name. 5L that is a good deal under $500  You’ve heard me say this group is the largest section of the American population  Somebody is going to make them   Yeah, I had to double check that one again also. I am buying this one.  A hilarious email  Not sure of the value but a dictionary word with no bidders and 12 years old Nice online storage name. Throw it in “the hopper”  I thought it would have more bids than this

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  1. Mike H

    I “lol’d” last night when I saw SmallPens and said to myself “I want this one for an email address!”, then I thought, “I bet Shane will have it on his list”

  2. Jacob Fedosky


    What do you think about the Macbook Air? I’m looking into getting an Apple laptop of some sort but I can’t decide which is best. Price is also a factor for this poor college kid… Ha!

    1. Post author


      If you like Apple products then the Mac Air is a fantastic deal (Pc laptops are obviously much cheaper). $1100 gets you a nice featherlite computer that will do everything you need. The retina display macbook pro is awesome, I just couldn’t justify the price. I’d buy the air

  3. Jacob Fedosky


    Thanks. I’m leaning towards the 13″ air. They sell them refurbished for under a grand and I’ve heard an Apple refurb is just as good as new. I appreciate the info!

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