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Sunday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-8-12

A little late today. Had my computer hard drive go out and got a little distracted. Wanted to get a new computer and now is as a good time as ever. Here is today’s list It’s what they put on your food when you take it back for being messed up May get too rich for me but I’ll give it a try A PR5 site that has some pretty good keywords to build on in the name. Hyphen actually works for me here 15 year old domain that would be nice for…..well..investment research Anything? This could be fun My guess is $450 on this one I don’t know Berry but wonder if he dances better than Mike 14 year old name with no bidders that would make a nice dating site name These are the kind of names that were hot in the mid 90’s. I’m actually making that up. I really can’t remember which names were popular 17 years ago but I saw this was registered in 1995 Not a tremendously valuable but a beautiful name. 14 years old, no bidders

; Here’s the name for that Pinterest cheater program you wrote. No bidders 51 bidders. I think its nice but didn’t see it having that many bidders. Great email. Certainly worth $12 for all the fun it will give. 12 years old The domain for the oversized nurse. Actually a very good that may hit $1000

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Domain Spotlight: