Monday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions: Patriots Day Edition

Apr 18 2011

Last day of “vacation” and found a few good names today. Ass I said earlier, I’m running my first Boston Marathon to day so I’ll be out of the office today as I run then fly home. Back to the grind tomorrow. I’m pointing this out only because this shows the issues with multiple listings of the same domain. Go HERE and do a little research and you see that it’s for sale for $2000 and then today it has a reserve of $3000 A timely domain with a PR 5. Appears to get over 500 uniques a day and and obviously getting searches right now Love this one. Great product domain name. Favorite in the last few weeks 1996 registration and a dictionary word. Getting plenty of action. Also a PR 5 I can’t believe this one isn’t taken. I’m pretty sure this is Marvel’s newest super hero movie coming out. 1998 domain A little limiting but not a problem if you sell Koi fish I’ve always thought that dot org is best used for charity and positive action and this certainly would apply A great cricket site name with very little bidders so should be pretty cheap 2001 domain and not the most valuable name but I think it’s certainly worth the the $70 A three letter dot net that has a repeating letter. Should cross $1000 pretty easily

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