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Wednesday’s Daily Drop And Auction Picks

I hope you didn’t miss any good domains yesterday.  I just couldn’t find the time to write yesterday.  I ran the marathon, flew home and then went in to work all day.  Needless to say I was a bit tired on 4 hours sleep post marathon. No worries though, I’m back in the routine and have some decent names today.  The goal is to make some money with the domains and some days will be like today, where the names aren’t premium but yet still flippable. Big term at a big price.  $2000 plus already 15,000 searches to play with on this one and very few bidders This proves that you can get a pretty good deal on dot infos if you want to build sites on them.  75,000 searches on a dot info for $12 which you should be able to make in a month with a quick site. A popular Chinese conductor?  Not sure what the popularity here but I know it’s Chinese in nature.  If you are following the domain market you’re noticing that the Chinese names are starting to draw a large amount of attention and increased pricing. Even people from Harvard rent homes and apartments To some this doesn’t mean much but to me I see a great brandable, easy to spell, cheap domain with age Ends early morning so get in quickly if you want it A term you hear all the time and I think somebody, some day, would buy this as a slogan for a company or product. Nice 4 letter dot com $9 and nobody wants this one?  With Kinect and all kinds of motion detection needs, I can’t imagine someone won’t get their money back with this one.  11 year old domain

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2 Replies to “Wednesday’s Daily Drop And Auction Picks”

  1. Come on Shane, you can’t just leave us in the dark.

    We have been waiting to hear your timings at the Marathon!

  2. Shane,

    Congrats on the Boston Marathon. I am just curious, do you ever purchase any of these drops that you list on your site? If they are so compelling why don’t you go after them?

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