Monday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

There are a ton of names today.   Way too many to list.  It’s also the kind of day when you can find some bargains as the list is so deep, I’m sure some people are going to miss a few. Many uses for this name as evidenced by the 80 plus bidders 110 bidders.  and yes I am fit…..ufit? I used to wear them but they itch too much. Maybe I need to wear higher stockings Woody Harrelson is all over this one It has the word domains in it and you guys are suckers for those I know that the ace is a very rare card as I never seem to get it when I need it in Vegas.  I guess people also collect cardboard as well. I’d visit this site 22,000 searches and the price may hit that as well I was just talking about signing my daughter up for these.  She’s great on the guitar but the singing?  At least she’s better than Miley Cyrus Perfect minisite.  Just kidding

I couldn’t list them all , use DropDay to find more

Domain of the Day: