Monday’s Daily Drop and Auction Picks 9/12

Sep 12 2011

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I’m not sure why but at least for me Drop Day is acting up and not allowing me to see any of today’s drops. That means this list came from much more manual search tactics. I still think I managed to find a good group of names, some with few or no bidders. Divorce rate in the US is over 50% these days, I’d say that’s a pretty big market. Most would look right over this, but research reveals this city has a population of almost 150,000 and that makes this a good domain if you can get it on the cheap. VCVC that could go cheaper than expected. Obesity is on the rise and I don’t see it going anywhere if people keep eatin’ like I do. More of these groups will pop up. Had to have one domain in honor of Shane after his IronMan. But in all seriousness, 2400 on Google and no bidders right now. I only know of one and it’s pretty simple, but 1000 people go to Google for these every month. Have anxiety? Follow the conceiving tips…

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  1. Trico

    “Divorce rate in the US is over 50% these days, I’d say that’s a pretty big market.”

    And one that will get bigger as more and more
    States allow same sex marriages. 🙂

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