Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Sep 27 2010

Good morning. Heck a great discussion over at Ricks Blog this weekend. I love stimulating conversation and opinions. That’s what makes the world fun. One simple thing can look and feel so different to so many people. It’s great to hear another opinion on life, business, and especially domains. I do find that the answer usually is right in the middle of everyone’s opinion. Now onto the names For all you Cougar domainers,  you’ll like this one.  It’s an older,sexier, experienced 1994 domain. I see it as a typo but at 19 type-ins a day doesn’t seem to be mis-typed very often   Facial recognition search on the net?  Search Facebook? What’s better than 7-Eleven?  8Eleven of course You could list all 12 fencing clubs on the site For those of you that collect names, people’s names, old people’s names A nice kids site.  My Mom actually said this to me but today’s saying is most likely “finish your fries”

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