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Monday’s Hot Auction Picks and Money Makers

I didn’t do a post this weekend but there were some good names that came up.  I apologize for not getting the names up.  I picked up a nice domain in auction that ended at Snapnames during the Bears game.  It’s one of those $200 to $1500 quickly domains.  Let’s see if we can get a few more of those today. Here are today’s picks. Not sure why so many people like this one.  For those of you that are new to my blog that is sarcasm.  There tends to be a lot of that here.  And I say the word a lot a lot. Nice aged domain from 1995 and gets 20 or so visits a day.  Radio and TV station call letters Nice name for a site about new start ups.  1999 register  No bidders Very popular last name but there’s a big problem.  Most of the people with this name are not likely to be seeking a domain name. 18,000+ searches and no bids.  Very cheap product site name It’s not a chair, it’s not a stool.  It’s both, it’s a chool I can see a lot of end users for this one.  Especially in government I don’t usually recommend CVCV.nets but this one is worth $69 I would but this just to put up a page that said “If you can’t even spell Diet then how are you supposed to stick to one?”  Actually a 1999 register and a city. David Sedaris is a very popular writer and obviously a last name If you believe that searches give a domain value then you’ll think this has value.  456,000 searches

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4 Replies to “Monday’s Hot Auction Picks and Money Makers”

  1. Disgraced would make a great political site. Post about all the stupid and/or illegal activities of politicians. Could keep a couple of people busy all the time so it is a job creation tool as well!

  2. nice list – and great idea for, who wants to put together that HUGE database! – – now what should I do with – – i bet there is a market for that one too lol

  3. nancy, since we’re making sites for politicians, could be an exclusive John Boehner site, lol.

    shane, thanks for the nice lists and always interesting posts.

  4. Everyone seem sto like the so I might as well speak up as well. I was thinking more along the lines of a site for Disgraced Actors and Actresses. Of course yo could put it to use for any one in the public eye.

    Buy it and compete with TMZ.

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