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Sunday’s 11 Random Thoughts

One of my favorite days (except in spring when I have to work) is Sunday.  A day that my family and I lay around and talk, laugh, and watch tv.  A day when everybody gets to sleep in and wake up with a fresh mind.  No after work tiredness, no arguing over homework, a clean slate.  It’s also a great time to think.  Here are 10 things I thought about over the week

1.  I actually think dot co is going to be a real player.  I did not think that originally.  I didn’t talk about it in 2010 for two reasons.  One, I wanted to give it time to play out.  Two, they are very supportive of my blog.  Which brings me to….

2. If you are going to take advertising it is impossible for you to be completely open in your reporting or thoughts.  I am not saying this is wrong or right, it’s how the media works.  You can bitch that people are biased but we spend a ton of time doing this and we need money for our time.  I do believe and completely support all my advertisers and have enough money to pass on people I don’t want,  but I have to admit I was skeptical of the business success of some of my advertisers.  And guess what?  I was wrong most of the time.  Almost every one of my advertisers has done well.

3. I like Theo. Every time I talk on the phone with him I like him more.  I don’t really get DomainGang but I get Theo.  Coming up with original content is tough. Coming up with daily domaining comedy, almost impossible.  He, more that anyone, has taught me to meet the man before you judge the man.  Our sites are a personality and not always our personality.

4. The show Skins needs to come off the air.  The advertisers that support it are going to face repercussions.  While I’m all for sex and fun on Tv, I feel it’s best shown with adults having the sex and fun.  From a legal standpoint what they are showing is rape. (sex with children under 17).  If you read my blog you know that I am as off color as they get, but it’s about adults for adults.  If it’s uncomfortable to me, of all people, it needs to be taken off.  I still like pretty girls, just not pretty kids.

5. I took $10,000 that I was going to put into domains this quarter and put it into Apple. I think Apple will reach a trillion dollars in market capitalization in 5 years.  My whole life is run through Apple, I need to own more and share financially in the success.  Quick backstory. Apple user since 1977 and stock owner since the 80’s.  Bought more in the 90’s, sold all right before the market crash.  Made a lot of money but missed out on a good run up (probably $50K or more) I need to be back in.

6. Cut costs, raise revenue.  Last time I checked that’s the only way to balance a financial budget.  You can either pick one side or do a little of both. A simple concept so many companies and governments have forgotten.

7. Any else hear more about Morgan Linton this week than the winners of the Golden Globes?   Then again, maybe he won a golden globe for Best New Domain Developer.

8. Did Rick Latona and Chef Patrick become Amish?  I haven’t seen a blog post from either of them in months.

9. We need to get a picture of all the bloggers together at DomainFest.  It would be a great picture to put up so everyone could see the faces behind the blogs.  There will be a good number of us there

10. The Main Auction at DomainFest is way above my price range.  I think it’s a pretty poor auction program for everyone but the wealthiest buyers.  I know there is a lower priced auction but I want a main auction that gets lots of action, full of all types of names in a different price ranges.  I guess the main auction is more about numbers than participation.  I know, you can’t pay bills with participation

11. Let me fill you in on 2011.  The high value domain owners get richer and the bottom feeders trade the bad domains back and forth.

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2 Replies to “Sunday’s 11 Random Thoughts”

  1. Hey bro

    Is this British Skins or a rehashed US version a la The Office?
    If it’s the former, then I fear that a culture difference is what all of the controversy stems from. Over here that show just epitomises what life is like for most youths. I don’t wanna give British teens a bad name (hell the show probably does that itself!) but misadventure, experimentation, hedonism, it happens. In fact, if word gets out that you’re having a party at your folks’ house and it gets gatecrashed and gets wild, it gets known as a ‘Skins Party’.
    It’s easily one of the most popular shows on TV over here and although a lot of it is hammed up, it’s pretty accurate. I don’t condone the portrayal of underage sex, for sure, but you guys across the pond are hardly prudish! And don’t y’all have a watershed?
    What I think is really bad is the selling of the commercial time to sex product companies, that makes the seedy conotation even worse! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ad for a sex product over here. Maybe a condom sponsorship sting or something, but never a full blown commercial for a vibrator!
    Bottom line is, The show is not ABOUT the sex, first and foremost its ABOUT kids growing up and getting a little wayward sometimes.

    Now is a good time to buy in right? Prices still low due to Jobs’s illness?
    I don’t think anyone can touch them as a tech market leader. The dude has built a veritable church that people will flock to for years so long as they keep the innovations coming.

  2. Theo is one of my favorite people. I happen to appreciate satire and sarcasm, so I’m always impressed that he manages to come up with such funny material several times a week. He’s much different than what you might imagine at first, based on his posts. Good guy with a lot of great ideas.

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