MousePath Turns Into Internet Art Sensation

Feb 23 2010

MousePath_iographicaA few days ago I did an article about Mouse Path.  Over the last few days I’ve realized that this little program has quite a following. The beauty of it is its simplicity.  A mouse tracker that records the movements of your mouse through line drawings and circles.  Rather than use it as a tool, it turns out it has Mouse Path has drawn (pun intended) quite a following in the art world.  Anatoly Zenkov, the creator of the program emailed me today to show me some of the work that’s been done with it and that he’s updated the program and marketed it as an art program.  Something fun that allows each person be creative and make something completely their own, based on their own movement.

It even has it’s own Flickr page now.   If you’re interested in downloading the new version he has it up at his new site,

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