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My 10 Favorite Holiday E-Cards From

Just wanted to get started today by wishing everyone Happy Holidays and just remind everyone that Christmas day will be a great day to watch for good drops as there won’t be much competition. I’m looking forward to watching my Lions crush my girlfriend’s Chargers on Christmas eve which will most definitely cause a terrific fight that will almost certainly carry over to Christmas and thus ruin the entire weekend…ahhh ’tis the season. Sunday we’re going to my parent’s place where every year we have a big Christmas and Hanukkah party with our Christian and Jewish friends. I wish all of our loyal readers and those that stumbled upon this site by accident a terrific holiday this weekend. And on to a little fun…

For those of you that haven’t checked out, you’re missing out on a great way to pass the day at work. It’s the only place you can send your wife or girlfriend an e-card that says “I love you so much that there’s almost no chance I’d use you as a human shield against a Navy SEALs attack.” I actually sent that to mine earlier. Anyways, I thought to kick off the holiday weekend I’d spread the word about this funny site and encourage you all to send an e-card to Shane since we know how much he loves them. Here are my favorite holiday e-cards from a site that proves a great idea can make an ordinary domain name a success.

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