Some Q3 2015 Domain Acquisitions

Similar to the first and second quarters of this year, I’ve listed below some of my recent domain acquisitions.

Handful of –, as an example (price is public), then most of the others have the dreaded (to some people) vowels or the letter V. Roughly half were purchased to flip, and the other half are developed in other extensions and I expect to hold them for awhile.

A few –, as an example. I wasn’t in the market to buy these, but the price was right for a flip, which will probably happen in the next few months.

A few –, as an example. Similar to the, I wasn’t in the market to buy these, and I just sold my last domains earlier this year, but I believe I got them at a price to justify my time for a near-term flip.

A few – and (NLL), as examples of the best two. The 0’s and o’s confuse me, but sales on domains with a repeating letter are pretty crazy this year. Crazy high, that is – for $5,020, for $4,520, for $2,009, and for $2,309.

A few two word .com domains, none of which will make me rich, but I’m confident I’ll get a decent return on them, whether I decide to flip them in the next 6 months or hold out for the next 6+ years. A couple examples:

  1. – Sounds like a political campaign slogan. A couple businesses use variants for their organization businesses.
  2. – A shortener or upgrade name for quite a few businesses, and it’s commercial in nature, with a nearly $4 CPC. In the same line of transportation/logistics business as my acquisition in Q2. – Examples of the current uses online for this word include a popular WordPress theme at, a PE firm at, developed sites at the .net, .org and .co, and many sites around thematic mapping, the thematic apperception test (whatever that is!), and more. – It feels a little strange to be buying an for a price that is higher than most of the other I sold earlier this year (Q1 sales, Q2 sales) of arguably similar quality (,,, but I have to accept that the market shifted, and compared to current conditions, I think I got a good price. I like the fact that this was purchased from the end user that had used the domain for over a decade, so perhaps there is some pent up demand…..users with this abbreviation that have tried to acquire it over the years, only to be turned down?

You’re welcome to share some of your recent acquisitions below, or offer up comments/opinions on mine.

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2 Replies to “Some Q3 2015 Domain Acquisitions”

  1. You’re on a roll with the purchases. I like them all. “” is really cool, but “” is my personal favorite. I like it for a whole bunch of reasons. If I’ve checked correctly, I’d say you bought “” at a very good price.

    I picked up a four-letter, dictionary dot-com on the drop recently. I had some extra change, thanks in part to the advertising I received on this site for a couple of auctions I had going. Ironically, that last sentence sounds like a bad advertisement. 🙂

  2. Thanks Shane, I appreciate it. I’m trying to eventually build up a portfolio likes yours, but I’ve got a long way to go! 🙂

    I was happy to see the prices went up on a couple of the listings you had on Shane’s daily list. All three of them were really nice names.

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